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The other day I happened to walk by John Masters Organics in SoHo and I just couldn’t resist walking in to see what the salon had to offer. The smell that hit as I entered was a delectable mix of oil, fruits and organic herbs all made into natural hair and skincare products. I found that Masters’ award-winning brand has a philosophy based on respect for the earth and body, and the products are herb- or clay-based and ammonia-free, which makes them ideal for expecting moms and clients with sensitive skin.

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Masters started out as a three-chair salon back in 1994 and soon grew into a ten-chair operation that uses no harsh chemical treatments, like perms or relaxers, making it the only clean-air salon in the city. The space has an antique laid-back charm with full-length mirrors, hardwood floors and a rock waterfall. After being warmly greeted, clients change into oversized cotton t-shirts before setting into a relaxing, yet intense scalp wash and massage with the amazing lavender and avocado conditioner, as well as cucumber slices on their eyes.


I highly suggest investing in a product or two, or why not book the 45-minute Shiatsu Scalp & Hair Treatment which includes a wonderful head/neck/shoulder massage, essential oil application, and hair stream.

Watch this video for more info – Click here!

John Masters Organics, 77 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012
(212) 343-9590

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