Ninja Kitchen System — An Affordable and Versatile Alternative to Vitamix!

By: Natasha Uspensky, CHHC

After a solid year of using and loving our Nutribullet (click here for our review of this sweet little kitchen tool), I was ready to upgrade to something a little more powerful and versatile.  The problem was, I had grown really attached to the convenient single serving smoothie size of the Nutribullet, and hated the idea of having to dirty up a big huge blender just to get my morning nutrient fix. In researching my options, like the famous Vitamix, I stumbled upon the Ninja Mega Kitchen System, and was pretty floored!  This super powerful tool, comparable to it’s super expensive big boy cousins, has a major leg up in the market by combining a full-size 72 ounce mega-blender with a 64 ounce food processor, AND the coveted single serving blender cups, all on the same versatile, multi-setting base.  Best yet, it costs less than $160, which is a fraction of the price of it’s competitors (Vitamix blenders start at $399 and can cost upwards of $600 for a complete kitchen system). Win!

We’ve been using out Ninja for about six months now, and absolutely love it.  It completely liquifies everything, and the unique tiered “ninja” blade system eliminates the need for constantly mixing and pushing down the blender contents.  It’s not quite as sturdily made as the Vitamix, which is designed to last pretty much forever, but the value of the Ninja is still substantial.  The single serving smoothie cups are perfect for morning smoothies, and come with little to-go sippy tops.  I also use the single serving cup to chop nuts, make dressing, pesto, and other smaller-batch concoctions.  The food processor works great, and though I haven’t ventured to use it to make dough quite yet, I’m told the dough mixer is super fast and effective!

I know we’ll eventually splurge for a Vitamix, but for now, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System is my number one most used kitchen tool, and I can’t imagine living without it!

For some great recipes to use with your Ninja, check out our single serving smoothie recipes and blended soup recipes!

Get your Ninja Mega Kitchen System for just $159!

  • patric steele
    July 19, 2013

    Great article ! I read your nutribullet one as well.Thanks for taking the time to inform us all. I was wondering if you could tell which makes a smoother green drink, the ninja single serve or the nutribullet with it’s small cup ? I blend kale, almonds, flax seeds,pitted dates and coconut water and my current blender leaves bits and chunks so I am in the market for a new chunk free smoothie making blender. Much appreciated.Cheers!

  • Blending Like A Ninja
    December 4, 2013

    Hi Natasha

    I used and they reccommended the Ninja System. I then read this page. I purchased through here too back in August. They said that this thing can crush ice but I have found out that it doesn’t do this very well. Unless the ice is almost pre crushed it wont work. I would suggest that you smash the ice in a bag with a rolling pin first.

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