A Bioenergetic Scan to Unlock the Mysteries of Your Health

As a holistic practitioner, I am always looking for new ways to support my clients in creating balanced health in their bodies.  I assess their bodies and health with Ayurveda, I use various personality assessments to understand more about what makes them tick (and therefore what lifestyle factors may be contributing to their imbalances), and I take into account every minute aspect of their diet, health and life to create a holistic diagnostic picture of what’s actually going on.  The one thing that has been lacking is an effective and comprehensive health test or bioenergetic scan of their bodies.

As both a practitioner, and someone who has had my own fair share of mysterious and problematic health issues in the past, I know how unreliable (and expensive!) the usual blood work and food allergy testing can be.  I was once told by my gastroenterologist that I tested allergic to pretty much everything from lactose and fructose to gluten and legumes (which was obviously insane, and had I not known better, would have surely led me down a rabbit hole of unnecessarily restrictive diets and a lifetime of frustration).  I’ve had clients come to me with tests showing inconclusive and mysterious results across the board, which their doctors immediately started treating with even more medication — always treating the symptom, never the cause.  So I was incredibly excited when I learned about bioenergetic scanning, which I’ve found to be the most comprehensive test for creating balanced health out there.

Comprehensive Testing for Balanced Health

Balanced Health is a really cool company based out of St. Paul (Minnesota love, what-what!) that uses a technology called bioresonance scanning to scan the DNA in your saliva and hair or nails for imbalances and stress in 58 different organs, as well as hormone and nutrient imbalances, environmental toxins, and food and environmental sensitivities.  The process is super simple and painless.  No blood tests, no drinking disgusting solutions and doing breath tests that take hours, no skin patch tests. You order a Balanced Health Full Scan, and when it arrives, all you do is soak the provided sterile swab with your saliva, and collect about 30 strands of hair (or nail clippings) in the provided baggie, and send it off!

7-10 days later, you receive the results of your bioenergetic scan, which are so fascinating and spot on.  My system performance results (see below) showed my digestive and endocrine systems as my greatest weaknesses, which makes perfect sense considering my longtime history of digestive issues and hormonal imbalances.  The rest of my organs were generally blissfully healthy, but keep in mind, I work in holistic health, and have spent years healing my body and being my own guinea pig as I refined and researched my approach to creating optimal health — these results are not typical.  Most people test with 4 or more systems in the yellow or red (meaning a chronic weakness or damage), which is the cause of so many symptoms of imbalanced — digestive disorders, low energy, weight gain, skin problems, chronic pain, anxiety or depression, fertility problems, painful periods and other hormonal issues, poor immunity, and so so much more.  Basically almost any health concern you have can be traced back to an imbalance or stress in a specific system.  AND WE DON’T EVEN KNOW IT!

Balanced Health Scan Results | The Organic Beauty

Some of my results, like which organ systems were under the most stress, were totally expected, but others, like my environmental and food sensitivities, definitely came with some surprises.  I knew I was sensitive to gluten, soy and dairy, mold and pollen, but I had no idea about my sensitivities to pet hair and dander, eggs, and pretty much ALL grains (ugh).  Now it’s important to note that an energetic sensitivity is not the same thing as an allergy.  Just because you test sensitive to something does not mean you necessarily have to avoid it for the rest of your life.  When I see all grains (even the gluten free ones) show up on my sensitivities, that tells me that my digestive system is super stressed and is having trouble processing those foods.  And my organ results confirm this.  An effective course of holistic treatment would be to avoid the foods that irritate my system while I heal the underlying cause (weak digestion) with targeted herbs and supplements.  And this is exactly the process that Balanced Health recommends as well.

Sometimes an energetic sensitivity can show up from overuse of a specific food — for example, I’m not sensitive to almonds, but I am sensitive to almond milk.  I use it in my smoothies every single day, which could be the cause of this result.

Balanced Health Test Results | The Organic Beauty

After you receive your bioenergetic scan results, you can schedule a complimentary call with the practitioner that ran your scan to go over everything with you.  I highly recommend taking advantage of this service, even if you are working with another holistic practitioner.  It’s great to go over all your results with someone who intimately understands the test and can answer questions and provide additional details.  And so begins your path towards regaining true balance in your body.

As is unfortunately par for the course in modern (western) medicine, health problems are treated only symptomatically — oh, you have bloating, gas, and stomach pain? It must be IBS.  Here’s a pill and a restrictive diet to go on.  Oh, you can’t get pregnant?  Let’s start fertility treatments and hormones.  Oh, your T4 is a little low? Let’s start you on thyroid medication. The more complicated and mysterious the symptoms, the more inconclusive the diagnoses. I can’t tell you how many of my clients come to be with chronic fatigue, headaches, weight gain, and depression, for example.  Their doctors diagnose them with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome (the most nebulous of diagnoses out there), and put them on medication, without any consideration for the root causes of these symptoms.  But after my suggested modifications to their diet and lifestyle, and the addition of targeted supplementation, those symptoms magically disappear, with no need for prescription drugs or unnecessarily restrictive diets.  Why? Because we work to heal the underlying causes of the symptoms, not just the symptoms themselves.

Bioenergetic scanning takes my work (and your health!) to a whole new level.  No longer do we need to take stabs in the dark and treat the most common imbalances that lead to specific symptoms.  Or eliminate the foods people are most commonly sensitive to without an exact sense of what your body is reacting to.  Armed with a bioenergetic scan of your body, you can take your health into your own hands, and empower both yourself and your holistic practitioners to customize their approach and help you create balance and optimal health SO much faster.

Though I definitely recommend undergoing the start of diet and lifestyle modifications under the guidance of a knowledgeable practitioner (wink wink), the coolest thing about Balanced Health bioenergetic scan is that you don’t need a doctor or practitioner to prescribe it.  Right now, you can go and order a kit, and have a super clear picture of what’s really going on with your body within a couple of weeks.  Balanced Health even provides you with a customized list of herbs, homeopathics, and supplements that they have tested to be the most synergistically compatible with your body, that you can order and begin taking right away.  The whole balancing process usually takes about 4-6 weeks of avoiding the elements you tested sensitive to and taking a few targeted supplements.  The supplements that were recommended for me were:

  • an herbal cilantro tincture, which aids in the detoxification of the heavy metals and other toxins that showed up on my scan
  • a homeopathic tincture to aid in detox from environmental mycotoxins, mold, and fungi that showed up in my system
  • a homeopathic tincture to strengthen and balance my digestive system
  • and a supplement to support the adrenal and thyroid systems

Combined, these supplements will help to address the underlying causes of imbalance in my body, not just treat the symptoms I may be experiencing.  When people retest 4-6 weeks after starting the supplementation and elimination process, the results can be staggering.  Less systemic stress on specific organs, fewer toxins, greater assimilation of nutrients, even fewer sensitivities to specific foods!  I am so excited to see how close to 100% I can get all of my systems, and how well I can finally balance my digestion and adrenals.  I’ll write an update in a couple of months on my experience with the supplements and elimination.

In the meantime, I want to empower you, too, to take your health into your own hands and discover the imbalances that are holding you back from feeling your absolute best.

Click here to order a kit and start the process!  Enter the promo code: organicbeauty to get $5 off!

Balanced Health

If you need some support in creating a long term plan to help you regain balance, I’m here to help!

  • Laura
    January 13, 2017

    How are your remedies working now that it’s several months down the road? Do you feel they were correct and effective? Have you noticed a difference – good or bad? There is not much info on the web about this company so I would appreciate the honest feedback. Thanks!

    • Natasha Uspensky, CHHC
      January 29, 2017

      Hi Laura!
      Thanks for your note!
      I’ll be doing a follow-up post soon to talk about results, but I will say this: as someone whose job it is to be healthy and walk the walk, the few imbalances that did come up on my test were definitely deeply rooted bigger issues that I’ve been working on for years, so I didn’t expect things to change in one month of supplementation. BUT I definitely saw improvement in more immediate issues like toxicity and some environmental sensitivities! Stay tuned for the full review of my experience!

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