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Pep Talk: 4 Points in Praise of Peppers

Are you a hot pepper obsessive or avoider? Peppers high in spice factor are something of a superfood, so you might want to consider keeping it hot, hot, hot!

The other day, my friends and I were discussing something called the Scoville Scale (pretty much a ranking of various peppers according to their ‘temperature’). Granted, the big hitters are not recommended for raw consumption, but those who can stand other contenders are often well aware of their health benefits. A boost from this type of natural expectorant can become almost ritualistic, actually. Various post-pepper coping methods went on to include pacing, milk guzzling, and changed breathing patterns (your body actually ups its oxygen flow after eating peppers!) It sounds extreme, but it’s probably not all that misguided! Here’s the real scoop on why your body stands to benefit:

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Fast Track Your Commute to Feel Good Status!

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By Kristina Tortoriello

Fast Track Your Commute to Feel Good Status! | The Organic Beauty Blog

Author’s Note: a post in homage to hump day. 

Morning commutes are, on the whole, prickly. How do we rally our powers toward healthy living (and so early!) when we’ve only recently wrenched ourselves from sleep? And isn’t sleep the real health factor at risk here? In other words: Just… one more… snooze…?

Believe me, I hear you. But let’s assume that you too are among the begrudging, bed-headed many! More or less, you feel like you’ve managed to boil your concept of self down to ping-pong ball size for the sake of the work week, and for days straight, you’ll pretty much spend nine to five being batted around, within the margins of a giant to-do list– be it from office chair to OfficeMax and back, or from client to co-worker, a.k.a. fellow peeved projectiles in the race for the weekend! Hoorah!

Of course, I’m only (half) kidding. The “rat race” needn’t be so ratty after all, subway route notwithstanding. There are various ways to give breathing room to pesky corporate constraints! Change can start with your commute if you let it! So what about the “me time” before you’re officially on the clock?  Uplift your AM attitude with a few key pointers given here:

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A Natural Wellness Spell for Your Skin

A Natural Wellness Spell for Your Skin | The Organic Beauty Blog

By: Kristina Tortoriello

Witch hazel is my skin savior at the moment. Specifically, Thayer’s witch hazel astringent pads are kicking bad skin’s butt.

Sales in similar products have picked up of late, the trend has seen an internet boom with health blogs (hi!) singing it’s praise- so what exactly is the craft behind this covetous self care must-have?

To start, this favored foliage is deciduous, found in mild, temperate regions of Canada and the US. It’s garden-friendly, and not a particularly fussy plant, so upkeep stays simple. When in bloom, the flowers are fairly acidic which enhances natural astringent qualities. Like magic! All of these factors point to a practically ready-made home remedy. (And it strikes a resemblance to the hazelnut plant- which would explain the ‘hazel’, but jury’s still out on the ‘witch’…)

The medicinal properties of witch hazel have long been cultivated for personal use. Apart from clearing the skin, it retains the skin’s moisture, refreshes pores, soothes troubled under-eye bags, and staves off irritating derma-dilemmas like rashes, sunburn and razor burn. Bonus points: It removes the grease and grime from your hair line!

…It’s also a pretty effective, high quality product, I’ve found, for the low price it averages.

Bewitched yet? For a face the fairest of them all, check out any of the Thayer’s Natural Remedies products.

My Winter Veg Obsessions!

By: Kristina Tortoriello

My Winter Veg Obsessions! | The Organic Beauty Blog

Admittedly, I’m tickled by in-season produce. It literally delights me to bring home goodies that are winter-grown. Does that make me a weirdo? Hey man, I just appreciate feeling connected to my food. Prepare for some propaganda on why shopping seasonally is the best!

For winter, a few flavorful favorites are as follows: clementines, winter squash, beets, kale and escarole, certain onions, horseradish. As you can tell, my palette generally runs from sweet to spicy, and everything gets satiated this time of year! So no matter the weather outside, I’m a happy girl in the kitchen.

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How to Hold on to That New Year’s Possibility

How to Hold on to That New Year’s Possibility | The Organic Beauty Blog

“If happiness always depends on something expected in the future, we are chasing a will-o’-the-wisp that ever eludes our grasp, until the future, and ourselves vanish…” – Alan Watts

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The New Year is a beautiful conceit. Across cultures, it’s a period reserved for expansion of the self. At the drop of a ball, we celebrate pure Possibility, with open hearts and minds. We pretty much all align ourselves accordingly: start on resolutions, compare lists with friends, refresh those horoscope pages…!

We’re happy to. Maybe simply, we have the time.

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Boost Your Winter Beauty!

Boost Your Winter Beauty! | The Organic Beauty Blog

Winter has a habit of increasing the puff factor. Both in terms of unwieldy coats and under-eye regions. For as much as there’s a romantic side to the holiday season, not everything seems so peace-on-earth these days (is it me?). At least in my own life, basically everyone is constantly freezing, frenetic with holiday shopping/budgeting, and wishing for the hibernating life…  so why not expedite energizing our best snowbunny selves? Some everyday habits can help bring joy back to your wintry personal world.

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