My name is Natasha

And here is my story.

I’m in the business of changing lives…

As a holistic nutrition counselor and healthy lifestyle expert, I work with my clients to find the ease and beauty in creating healthy and radiant lives.  I know it can be confusing to sift through the loads of information out there (often contradictory) about what foods to eat and not to eat, what beauty or household ingredients are toxic to our bodies, and what self-care practices actually work.  It’s my job to sift through that information to create custom solutions for my clients.  My clients don’t just transform their bodies, they transform their entire lives, and I love spreading the message of easy, intuitive, vibrant health through this blog, my private practice, and my online programs.

And I started with my own life…

While traveling abroad in my early 20’s, I got sick. Like, crazy, mysterious, gained-50-lbs-in-just-a-few-months-and-had-no-idea-why — sick. I saw a dozen doctors, who gave me a dozen diagnoses, none of which made a whole lot of sense, and none of which made me feel any better.

Thus began my lifelong quest of figuring out the mysteries of the body, which led to a deep understanding of how food, lifestyle, toxins, and mindset effect the totality of our health. I set out to completely naturalize my beauty routine, my diet, my home, and my life.

Becoming an Organic Beauty

The Organic Beauty started out as a chronicle of the changes I was making, as I discovered cleaner, better products, healing superfoods, and radical mind shifts. Soon, my journey turned into a full-blown passion, and I left my career as a performing artist to go back to school and become a certified, bona fide expert in the field.

I am now a board-certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor & Ayurvedic Health Counselor, working with women all over the world to stop dieting and start loving their bodies, to transform their self-care and detoxify their homes, to look and feel their absolute most beautiful, and to start living the lives they’ve always dreamed of.


How I spend my time

I firmly believe in practicing what I preach, and I've created a life that lets me help others, build a thriving business, and take exquisite care of myself, everyday.

Guiding Transformations

Writing Wellness Tidbits

Living Beautifully

Let me help you bring more balance into your life.

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