5 Tips to Grow out Your Healthy Hair

By: Natasha Uspensky, CHHC


I don’t know about you, but I think long luscious locks are totally timeless… the perfect accessory.  But growing out your tresses can be tough if you’re dealing with dry, damaged hair that breaks and splits.  I’ve dealt with this myself since I was a teenager and first starting coloring my hair.  But I’m happy to report that I’ve nailed down the perfect recipe for stronger, healthier, shinier hair that grows out beautifully.  As with everything, it takes a holistic approach, inside and out!

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Handcrafted Ayurvedic Oils for Natural Beauty

By: Natasha Uspensky, CHHC

Organic Beauty Arya Essentials Oils

If you’ve been reading The Organic Beauty for awhile, you know that my number one secret for gorgeous skin and hair is oil.  I use it to wash my face, moisturize my skin, and condition my hair (among many other beauty tricks).  Being a slightly lazy organic beauty, I opt for simplicity — pure jojoba, argan, and coconut oils.  But simple can definitely get a little boring.

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5 Minute Bedtime Yoga Sequence for Sweeter Sleep

By: Natasha Uspensky, CHHC

Those of us who have spent torturous hours tossing and turning in bed, or who wake up in the middle of the night with a head full of thoughts unable to get back to sleep know the power of hitting the hay with a calm and restful mind. Though managing your stress throughout the day and having a really good pre-bedtime routine go a long way towards improving sleep in the longterm, you can commit to just 5 minutes of relaxing stretches to sleep better TONIGHT.

This sequence calms the mind and relaxes the body, priming you for a restful night.  Best of all, you can do it in bed… No mat required!  Spend at least one minute in each posture, though longer is better!

1. Seated Twist: This detoxifying posture helps with digestion (which in turn helps you sleep deeper) and calms the nervous system. Repeat on each side.


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Healthy Travel Guide: Key West

By: Natasha Uspensky, CHHC


Key West is a super fun, quirky beach vacation destination, but with a pretty dominant party/drinking/fried food scene, having a healthy stay can be a bit of a challenge.

Our quest for healthier food options (or even a decent salad) took us off the beaten path and into some surprisingly awesome restaurants and even a few adorable health food stores. Our craving for a bit more of a mindful vacation gave way to some great yoga classes and a luxurious Ayurvedic spa experience. And our thirst for adventure yielded some unexpectedly fun times.

Below, our top picks for super fun and healthy Key West vacation.
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Organic Beauty Healthy Menu Navigator

When you’re trying to stick to healthy eating, going out can be a major pitfall. But fear not! Committing to an awesome way of eating does not mean giving up on your social life or enjoying your favorite restaurants. It just means making the smartest choices when you eat out, so you’re not undoing all your hard work! Luckily, I’m here to help.

Check out our Healthy Menu Navigator Guides for all your favorite types of restaurants!












Want us to feature one of your favorite types of cuisine not listed here? Leave a comment below and we’ll hook you up!


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GP: My Natural Beauty Skinspiration

By: Natasha Uspensky, CHHC

A weird thing started happening when I reached my 30’s: Instead of layering on the anti-aging products and slathering on more makeup to simulate my teenage skin, I found myself opting for a much more natural makeup look and and a more simplified beauty routine.  Gone are my black rimmed eyes and foundations.  No more do I turn to multi-step systems with harsh cleansers, gels and creams.  And guess what?  Not only does my skin look way better than it did when I was 20, but I also feel way more confident that the products I do use are going to actually improve the health and quality of my skin, in addition to its appearance.

One of my icons in this transition has been Gwyneth Paltrow, who has long been the face of fresh-skinned, glowing, natural beauty.  You’ll seldom see her walking the red carpet with a heavy, done-up look.  She’ll typically focus on one area of her face to emphasize for a more dramatic look (bold lips, with muted eyes; or smoky eyes with a nude lips), but more often than not, she’s seen about town with gorgeous, natural-looking eyes, a peachy blush, and some lip gloss.  The epitome of natural gorgeousness.

I’ve taken a few pages from GP’s book in creating my daily skin care regimen. Check out my 6 daily steps to getting that natural, gorgeous glow:

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This Weekend: Host a Healthy Brunch!

By: Natasha Uspensky, CHHC

Organic Beauty Healthy Brunch

The last daily action step in the Greens. Grains. Gorgeous. 30 Day Challenge last month was to plan a party, so I got crackin’ to come up with something super fun!  The hubs was heading out of town on a really cool men’s adventure in the Sierra Mountains, so I thought that would give me the perfect opportunity to host a little ladies brunch.

We had some delicious, healthy, vegetarian food, a lovely little mimosa bar, fancy infused water, loose leaf tea… the works.  And it was a great excuse to whip out our china too (I’m a big fan of using china as much as possible… screw saving it for the formal dinners!).

Check out the photos and recipes below!

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Ready to Transform Your Health, Life and Body?

No More Diets -- GGG

Greens. Grains. Gorgeous. is open for enrollment!

Are you a busy, stressed out woman ready to finally get off the dieting train, the stressed out mindset, and the body frustration?  Are you ready to start living the gorgeous, calm, and radiant life you’re craving?  Well I created Greens. Grains. Gorgeous. just for you!

Over the course of this 12-week online transformational program, you will:

  • Know how to eat for YOUR body, for the rest of your life — and never utter the word “Diet” again!
  • Understand the roots of your cravings and demystify the workings and needs of your body
  • Be empowered with stress management tools that will keep you more calm, balanced, energized, and happy — no matter what life throws your way
  • Detoxify your home, body, and life or harmful chemicals, patterns and practices that are making you sick
  • Start living the GORGEOUS life you know you are meant to be living!

Enroll by Monday, August 4th to get $400 worth of awesome bonuses, including:

  • AN OPTIONAL EXCLUSIVE EXTENDED PAYMENT PLAN to make the program even more affordable!
  • A GGG GIFT BAG full of my favorite wellness and beauty tools to get you started off right! (a $100 value)
  • A PRIVATE 45-MINUTE SKYPE STATEGY SESSION WITH ME! We’ll discuss your goals in depth and develop a custom strategy to help you get the most out of your program! (a $150 value)
  • PLUS, THE FIRST 10 PEOPLE TO ENROLL WILL RECEIVE AN UP24 BAND to help you track your movement, eating, and sleep, and keep you motivated throughout the program! (a $150 value)

Click here to get all the program details, including a week-by-week breakdown of what we’ll cover.


Dinner tonight: Fresh Pea Soup with Mint


This delicious pea soup is light, vibrant and bursting with green goodness. Plus, it’s a snap to whip up in no time at all, making it a perfect weeknight dinner.

Fresh Pea Soup with Mint

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Healthy Menu Navigator: Chinese

By: Natasha Uspensky, CHHC

Can’t live without Moo Shu?  We’ve got you covered in the latest installment of our Healthy Menu Navigator.  Make sure to check out all the cuisines we’ve featured so far, and keep coming back! We’ll have a new featured cuisine every week to take the guesswork and drama out of eating out!

The Organic Beauty Healthy Menu Navigator: Chinese

Chinese cuisine can be tricky for healthy ordering for a couple of reasons.  First the quality of animal protein in most Chinese restaurants is typically not that high, so that means ordering vegetarian, which can be limited to tofu.  Although fine every once in a while, tofu should not be a healthy diet staple due to it’s estrogenic effect on the body.  Secondly, a lot of Chinese food is floating in sauces made with lots of sugar and MSG, which are both super problematic. So you see, kinda tricky.  But, as always, we’re here to save the day with the healthiest options around!  And there are a surprising number of healthy dishes to choose from!

  • Steamed Veggie DumplingsIf you don’t have a gluten sensitivity, steamed veggie dumplings are your appetizer of choice.
  • Soups: Options like Egg Drop Soup or vegetarian Hot & Sour Soup can be ok, but make sure you ask for no MSG! Some Chinese restaurants will have a vegetable, tofu, or seafood soup that can work as well.
  • Vegetable Chow Fun or Mai Fun: These rice noodle dishes are gluten free, and can be pretty healthy if you get the veggie version.  Again, make sure to ask for no MSG!
  • Vegetable Chop Suey: This stir-fry can be super yummy, and even pretty healthy when loaded with veggies. Get it with brown rice, if it’s available, and again, no MSG!
  • Vegetable Fried Rice: Again, basically a veggie stir-fry! If you can get it with brown rice, you get extra brownie points ; )
  • Moo Shu Vegetables: This is quite possibly the healthiest thing you can get at a Chinese restaurant.  Tons of sautéed cabbage, mushrooms, and other veggies, served in a little pancake with duck sauce.  Yums!
  • Vegetable Mu Gu Gai Pan: This Cantonese dish is loaded with snow peas, mushrooms, water chestnuts, and other good stuff.
  • Other vegetable dishes: From Broccoli or Eggplant in Garlic Sauce to Szechuan String Beans or snow peas, you can usually find a whole bunch of yummy vegetable dishes on a typical Chinese menu.  Hold the MSG and get brown rice to make it a meal!

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