Organic Beauty Holiday Gift Guide 2014


It’s that beautiful, festive time of year again!  We at The Organic Beauty LOVE gifting mindfully, giving our loved ones goodies that help them feel gorgeous, vibrant, and healthy.  Join the healthy giving party with our top picks for everyone on your list!

1. UP 24 Fitness Tracker ($79.99-$99.99)

This is our absolute favorite fitness and health tool that we’ve been obsessed with since we got ours last year.  Check out our full review here. The UP24 band is the perfect way to motivate yourself to be more active, get those 8 hours of sleep, drink more water, and make healthy changes to your eating and lifestyle.  Perfect for anyone in your life that is trying to take better care of themselves, or a techie fitness buff!

2. Geometric Hanging Air Plant Holders ($49 for set of 3)

Air plants add the perfect touch of minimalist style to any home decor, and these gorgeous brass geometric holders are works of art in and of themselves!  Perfect for the aesthete, design buff, or stylista in your life!

3. Botanic Organic Essential Six Travel Set ($30.00)

Holistic, all-natural skincare that’s good enough to eat is an amazing gift for anyone in your life!  We’ve been using this travel kit all year, and it’s become our absolute favorite way to stay mindful, glowing and beautiful while on the road.  Read our full review of this amazing and potent organic line of beauty products here!

4. RMS Beauty Glowing Gift Set ($120)

RMS Beauty is our number one secret for glowing, healthy, gorgeous skin.  This gift set has everything you need for a perfect look of natural beauty. You get the signature Luminizer (amazing for that goddess glow), Un-Coverup, a creme eyeshadow, and a luminous Lip-2-Cheek color (our daily essential).  Click here to read more about these beautiful products!

5. Make Your Own Rules Diet ($21.24)

This new cookbook from our favorite down-t0-earth yogi, Tara Stiles, is loaded with awesome tips on incorporating more mindfulness and movement in your life, as well as some delicious and fun healthy, vegan takes on comfort food favorites!  We don’t do diets, and this is definitely not a diet.  It’s about connecting to what your body needs, and showing yourself the love to honor it!  A definite standout on the cookbook/health book scene this year!

Give your skin a dose of healing energy!

The healing and balancing power of gemstones and crystals has long been a part of holistic and alternative practices.  From placing them on specific parts of the body, to using them as meditative tools, to more esoteric practices, gemstones are rife with potent spiritual and healing energy.  So we got really excited to see that this energy is being harnessed into wonderful holistic, organic skincare products by Gemstone Organic!

Each of their delectable products features unique essence, created from select crystals and powerful gemstones, and infused into purified and ionized water to create a highly vibrational, pH balanced base.  These essences revitalize skin in ways similar to the healing power of mineral springs, and create a radiant, healthy glow.  Each gemstone balances a particular chakra so you can select products that are customized not only to your skin, but also to where in your life and health you’re seeking more balance.  How cool is that?

We’ve been loving the Organic Lavender Gem Hydrofoil, which is calming, soothing and relaxing for the skin and senses, and has a beautiful little quartz crystal right in the bottle for continued infusion.  We use a spritz on our skin as a little midday calming pick-me-up, but also love it as a soothing linen spray and yoga mat cleaner!  Make sure to enter our giveaway below to try it for yourself!

We’re also obsessed with the Organic Rose Quartz Creme, infused with lavender and rosemary essential oils, and a whole slew of anti-aging oils like babassu, apricot, borage, and black seed.  It’s perfect for reducing wrinkles and fine lines, promoting circulation to your skin, and imparting your face with a smooth and gorgeous glow.  The rose quartz essence is particularly balancing for the heart chakra, and promotes forgiveness and self-love, as well as circulation and detoxification.  How’s that for a multi-tasking little face creme?!

We’re so in love with these beautiful products that we want to share them with you! Enter our giveaway below and experience the healing energy for yourself!

Enter our Gemstone Organic Giveaway!

You’ll receive a bottle of the Organic Lavender Hydrosol and a jar of the Organic Gold Creme, which is perfect for maturing skin and is loaded with regenerating, anti-aging, and environmentally protective ingredients, as well as the empowering and strengthening qualities of raw gold, which governs the third chakra.  So excited for you to try it!

To enter:

1. Click here to sign up for our newsletter

2. Leave a comment below letting us know you signed up, and share the one quality you want to embody in 2015! (i.e.: calm, radiance, healing, love, balance, etc.)

We’ll announce the winner next week!

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How to hold onto your healthy habits over the holidays!

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By: Natasha Uspensky, CHHC

Often times we treat the holidays like a hiatus from our healthy lives — we eat foods we would normally avoid, we slack on exercise, we drink too much and sleep too late.  The month and a half between Thanksgiving and New Year’s (or for some people, the two months starting on Halloween) become a pitfall that we can spend the first several months of our new year paying for.  We feel guilty about the choices we made, criticize ourselves for that holiday weight gain, and have a hell of a time getting “back on track.”

Honestly, the only way to avoid this annual drama is to not let ourselves get off track to begin with!  Here’s the thing with being truly healthy:  it’s a way of being, permanently, not just something you slip in and out of as your mood suits you.  And the holidays actually provide a really great time to put this concept into practice.

Sticking to your healthy habits over the holidays takes some commitment and mindfulness, for sure.  But when you wake up on January 1st feeling energized, gorgeous, and beyond excited for the year ahead, I promise you, you’ll thank yourself for choosing your highest good over that fourth piece of peppermint bark!

Commit to these 5 healthy habits (with some holiday modifications), and you’ll be good to go!

1. Everything in moderation.

No one is saying you can’t indulge in some holiday sweets or festive cocktails, but there is a limit to how much your body can take before you veer off into bloated, hungover, misery-town.  Instead of going overboard on any one favorite thing, enjoy a sampling of your favorite holiday indulgences.  At a party, have a little of everything that looks good to you, and then STOP EATING when you feel full.  Have a few cocktails, and then lovingly cut yourself off or switch to non-alcoholic drinks.  The holidays are certainly not a time to deprive yourself, but they are even more certainly not a time to go haywire.

2. Stay hydrated.

Drinking tons of water this time of year is your secret weapon against overdoing it with food and drink, getting bloated and hungover, and experiencing fatigue.  This is really the time to commit to those 8 glasses of water a day (at least), and even taking it up a notch at parties or holiday events.  Drinking a full glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume will keep your liver in a happy place and stave off headaches, hangovers, and morning dark circles.  Hydrating throughout the event will also keep you from overeating and overindulging.  The day after a holiday event, drinking tons of water helps you detoxify your body from the sweet and fatty foods you ate the night before (and, of course, the alcohol), and keeps those toxins from building up in your system.  This ensures that by the next holiday celebration, you’re fresh as a daisy and feeling great!  The other added bonus to increasing your hydration this time of year is that it combats the drying air from indoor heating and keeps your system lubricated inside and out.  This spells glowing skin, shining eyes and hair, and showing up as your most sparkling and gorgeous holiday self!

3. Move your body.

With your packed schedule, sticking to your regular gym routine may be hard, but that’s no excuse to turn all slothful! Doing a quick 15 minute morning workout before you hop in the shower does wonders for your body, and is the perfect way to stay motivated, energized, and fit over the holidays.  You an also hit up a favorite yoga or spin class with visiting friends or family to make working out part of the festive experience!  Last but not least, you can incorporate a little extra movement into your daily activities. Walk a few extra blocks, do some squats while cleaning the apartment for guests, and do your holiday shopping on foot (in the city or at a mall) instead of driving from place to place!  I promise, making movement a part of your holiday season will make it that much easier to jump back into your fitness routine come January, and you’ll feel so great about how energized you feel!

4. Say no, occasionally.

If you say yes to everything, you run the risk of a calendar packed to tight with celebratory events that you don’t have time to breathe, let alone take care of yourself.  Make sure you have a good balance of nights/weekends out and time in with your loved ones (or even just a good book!).  Slowing down, quieting things, and experiencing some stillness amongst all the celebratory hullabaloo is crucial to connecting to your body and mind, and decreasing that holiday stress and overwhelm.  So say no occasionally, and curl up in your favorite pjs with a cup of cocoa and a great book.  Doesn’t that image evoke the sentiment of the season just as much as getting sloppy with a pair of antlers on your head?!

5. Eat those greens.

No, I’m not kidding.  With all the holiday indulgences that are bound to come your way, this is a crucial time to make sure you are eating tons of detoxifying, energizing, fibrous, and blood cleansing greens every single day.  The easiest way to do this is to eat a big huge salad for at least one meal a day (if you’re a Vata Ayurvedic type, make it cooked greens instead of raw, or pair your salad with a hot soup or a hot mug of ginger tea).  Whatever is going to happen that night, this is one healthy habit you can choose and stick to every day, so come what may, you know you’re taking care of your beautiful body!


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Sulfate-Free Argan Oil Haircare

Maple Holistics on The Organic Beauty

“Oh my god, Natasha, enough with the argan oil!”

Yes, yes, I hear you.. But when you find a beauty ingredient that is truly obsession worthy, it’s hard to shut up about it!  We’ve been bringing you our favorite argan oil products for a few months now, but this is totally new: argan oil-based shampoo and conditioner!

We’ve long been on the sulfate-free bandwagon for haircare.  I don’t remember the last time I used a shampoo that actually lathered.  (Lathering is for sissies!)  So we’re super excited to find natural, sulfate-free haircare products that feature our number one favorite beauty ingredient.

From the Weekend: Thanksgiving

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Organic Beauty Thanksgiving

We spent the holiday week celebrating with my family in Minneapolis.  We brined a killer organic, free-range turkey (pretty much the best turkey ever had, ever).  We ate delicious food, laughed, and played.  It was a beautiful week.

In terms of healthy eating, I employed my tried and true strategy of trying a little of everything without loading up on the bad stuff.  I started with veggies and Russian zakuski (small plates), so I could just have a bit of the yummy turkey and delectable desserts. No stomach aches, no guilt, and no drama!  I also made sure to focus on the real focus of this beautiful holiday — family and celebration (not stuffing my face!).

How did your Thanksgiving go? And how do you feel in the aftermath? I’d love to hear your experience!

Photo via my Instagram.

Deep Cleansing Argan Oil Magic

IMG_5730We’ve long been obsessed with all the amazingness that is argan oil here at The Organic Beauty.  It’s healing and hydrating benefits are unparalleled, and it makes for a phenomenal and versatile treatment for skin, hair, even cuticles!

Though we’ve been staunch advocates of the oil face wash method for a few years now, it took the power of argan oil and a little company out of North Carolina called Goldenseal Wellness to convince us that there could be another option.

Enter the lathering, soothing, healing and hydrating Artisanal Argan Cleanser with Eucalyptus.  Made with a base of hand-milled, small batch Moroccan argan oil, with the addition of some extra healing ingredients, this cleanser is deep cleansing without over-drying, and deeply hydrating without making your skin oily.  After cleansing, skin feels super clean and fresh, without that tight, dry feel you get after using most other face washes.  We can totally see this becoming a summer skincare staple in our home!

5 Ways to Deal with Winter Darkness

By: Natasha Uspensky, CHHC

The other day, I went to bed at 9:30.  Now if you know me, you know how totally crazy that is.  I used to be the world’s biggest night owl.  Even as that started to change, I’ve never voluntarily gone to bed before 11pm.  Bonkers.  Now, do I feel super lame and old? No! Was it because I had nothing better to do? Of course not!  Rather, this insanely early bedtime was a result of my listening to my body and taking steps to combat winter blues, lack of energy, and general malaise.  And guess what?  It worked!  I woke up before my alarm, to bright sunlight streaming through my window.  I had tons of time for myself in the morning to get outside with the pup and relax into my day.  I was super energized for an early yoga class (which I rocked, dare I say). And I was super productive and motivated all day long.  So what’s my secret?

Food-Based Exfoliation for Fab Skin!

Buff Her Food Exfoliant on The Organic Beauty

I admit it, I’m a sucker for a good scrub.  But with sensitive, oily skin, many scrubs out there are too rough, or just not substantial enough to give me what I need.  So I was particularly pumped to discover Buff Her, a positively delicious line of organic, food-based face scrubs.

How to Make Your Coffee Habit Work FOR You

By: Natasha Uspensky, CHHC

It’s no secret that coffee is one controversial little beverage.  About 98% of my clients come to me with a pretty serious coffee habit, and of those over 3/4 are bona-fied addicted.

So what’s the big deal, you ask?  Coffee never killed anyone, right?

Well, let’s clear a few things up.