A Bioenergetic Scan to Unlock the Mysteries of Your Health

As a holistic practitioner, I am always looking for new ways to support my clients in creating balanced health in their bodies.  I assess their bodies and health with Ayurveda, I use various personality assessments to understand more about what makes them tick (and therefore what lifestyle factors may be contributing to their imbalances), and I take into account every minute aspect of their diet, health and life to create a holistic diagnostic picture of what’s actually going on.  The one thing that has been lacking is an effective and comprehensive health test or bioenergetic scan of their bodies.

As both a practitioner, and someone who has had my own fair share of mysterious and problematic health issues in the past, I know how unreliable (and expensive!) the usual blood work and food allergy testing can be.  I was once told by my gastroenterologist that I tested allergic to pretty much everything from lactose and fructose to gluten and legumes (which was obviously insane, and had I not known better, would have surely led me down a rabbit hole of unnecessarily restrictive diets and a lifetime of frustration).  I’ve had clients come to me with tests showing inconclusive and mysterious results across the board, which their doctors immediately started treating with even more medication — always treating the symptom, never the cause.  So I was incredibly excited when I learned about bioenergetic scanning, which I’ve found to be the most comprehensive test for creating balanced health out there.

Comprehensive Testing for Balanced Health

Perfect Remedy for Thirsty, Damaged Hair

Remedy for Thirsty Damaged Hair | The Organic Beauty Blog

As soon as my formerly blond hair starting turning less-than-blond in the 5th grade, so began my lifelong affair with hair lightening.  First it was Sun In (that early-90’s peroxide spray that gave us all beachy sun-streaked hair), then at-home highlights done by my mom, and then later all those professional highlights done 2-3 times a year for the last 20 years.  Needless to say, my hair has been through a lot.  I’ve spent years searching for the perfect remedy for damaged hair that will save my fried locks.  And clearly I refuse to let my hair go natural — oh the non-blond horror!!

Over the years, I’ve developed a routine for healing thirsty, damaged hair — it’s not perfect (there’s no way to completely mitigate the damage from color-treating, especially bleaching, and especially for already dry hair types like mine), but it does turn dry, frizzy locks into more luscious, hydrated hair!

5 Step Remedy for Thirsty, Damaged Hair

Affordable Luxe Baby Care + Giveaway!

Affordable Luxe Baby Care Products


I’ve been pretty into Beautycounter and their clean, luxurious cosmetic and beauty products since they busted onto the scene a few years ago.  Committed to safe and well-sourced ingredients and science-backed formulations.  I got to try out the Beautycounter Countertime Collection and a few lovely makeup products a few months ago (check out my review), so when I heard they came out with a collection of Beautycounter Baby products, I just had to try it.

When picking products to use on my baby, I’m sure you can imagine how picky I am.  If I was skilled (and ambitious) enough to make all her products myself, I would.  But alas, I’m not quite that mom.  But I am diligent about keeping harmful, toxic ingredients (and even questionable ingredients that haven’t been shown be completely 100% safe) away from my precious girl.  I would never let  her near a drugstore brand of baby care products, which are loaded with synthetic toxins.  Thankfully, there are a few awesome natural baby care product lines out there, and I’m so happy Beautycounter has joined the ranks, lending their signature luxurious feel to an otherwise generally hippy-dippy scene.

Dealing with Mom Anxiety

Dealing With Mom Anxiety |  The Organic BeautyFor a mom like me, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising a human being. Am I playing/talking with her enough/too much? Are we spending enough/too much time at home? Do we have too many/not enough scheduled activities?

With an independent, generally low-maintenance baby like Margaux, who could easily play by herself in the living room all day if given the chance, I occasionally get hit with panic that I’m not doing enough of the right things to help her develop and grow. 

But then I remember what I learned from RIE parenting (a childcare philosophy I admire): baby’s days should be slow, calm, and predictable. They do best at home, doing their thing, with little intervention from us. 

And I breathe a sigh of relief. As long as I’m present with her, like really PRESENT, for a chunk of every day, at home in her little play space, letting her lead the way, then we’re all good. Everything else — all the outings and play dates and songs and “activities” — is all just icing on the cake. 

I love the notion that good parenting isn’t about distracting and entertaining, doing a song and dance. I love the notion that my baby is an independent being, worthy of respect and acknowledgment. I love the notion that parenting can be so much simpler, calmer, and more low-tech than the images we see on tv. 

This is my ideal vision of motherhood, and I think I’m doing just fine. 

Mamas, we’re all doing just fine. 

For more on RIE parenting, check out:

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Best Natural UTI Treatment


Without getting into TOO much detail, natural UTI treatment is an area in which I have become quite the expert over the years.  UTI’s (urinary tract infections) suck, hard. And the worst part is, once you’ve had one, you are that much more likely to get them chronically.  Unfortunately, chronic UTI’s aren’t just an inconvenience — they are one of the leading causes of over-prescription of antibiotics in women, and overuse of antibiotics can lead to even greater health problems: antibiotic resistance, digestive disorders, and candida, just to name a few. I myself was once hospitalized with a severe case of colitis after using antibiotics on and off for several months, upon my doctor’s urging.

After years of needing to take antibiotics several times a year for UTI’s, and even more years dealing with the long-term effects of overuse of antibiotics, I said enough is enough.  I developed a protocol of natural treatment for UTI’s that works, and 98% of the time, eliminate the need for antibiotics.  This is big news for those of you out there who are prone to this not-so-fun affliction.  I’ve also perfected a strategy for preventing UTI’s to begin with, and am happy to say that I haven’t needed to take antibiotics for a UTI in several years!

Take your vitamins, and save the rainforest!

Nature's Way x Rainforest Alliance on The Organic Beauty Blog

As you may have picked up on by reading this blog, I am a huge fan of supplements.  In my own body and those of my clients, I have seen targeted supplementation lead to hormonal balance and a return of fertility, better skin and hair, a calmer mind and slimmer waistline, better sleep and more energy, and an overall greater feeling of vibrancy and well-being. I’ve seen enough empirical evidence to call “hogwash!” on all so-called experts that try to debunk the efficacy of dietary supplementation.  The fact remains, the right supplements can drastically transform your health! (Click here to read more on how and why)

So when a great supplement company like Nature’s Way ups the ante by donating 1% of all sales from this summer, up to $100,000, to the Rainforest Alliance, I had to spread the word.  Through August 31st, any purchase you make of Nature’s Way supplements, which you can find at most pharmacies and health food stores nationwide, will support a wonderful nonprofit that has been around for over 30 years, which works to conserve our planet’s forests and natural resources, and promote a vision of global sustainability.  Pretty sweet, right?

I’ve used several Nature’s Way supplements over the years, and love that they are high quality and affordable, which in this health food world of $40 bottles of multivitamins, says a lot.  They make it so easy to take your vitamins, and save the rainforest to boot!

Here are my top 5 favorite Nature’s Way supplements that have helped to transform my health and body:

Eco-Friendly Boho Floral 1st Birthday!

Well, we did it! We pulled off what was essentially a mini wedding, complete with the ENTIRE family in town (including not one, but two great-grandmas). But it was all so worth it, for the memories alone.  It was so amazing so have our families, friends, and all of M’s adorable little baby buddies that we’ve gotten to know and love over the last year together to celebrate a year of her amazing life (and a year of us being parents). Let’s face it, babies don’t remember their 1st birthday parties, and honestly, 1st birthdays are really a big “we did it!!” for the parents, and an excuse for some great photos that we can all look back on for years to come.

Boho Floral 1st Birthday | The Organic Beauty

Baby-Friendly Paleo Birthday Cake & Cupcakes

When we were planning our little girl’s 1st birthday party, I knew that I wanted to stay committed to our values of sustainability and health. All too often, in the name of ease, we ditch our lofty goals of living a healthy lifestyle “just this once.” But for me, in thinking about the kind of mom I want to be and the example I want to set for my kid, I feel that big events like birthdays or parties are a perfect opportunity to stay true to the values I try to live by every day.

To that end, we made the birthday party as eco-friendly as possible with the use of sustainable, recycled, reusable and/or compostable party supplies, and ordered healthy food sourced sustainably from local farms (check out all the details here). But when it came to the baked goods, I had trouble finding healthy options that I could feel good about serving to friends, family, and babies, that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Paleo Baby-Friendly Birthday Cake and Cupcakes | The Organic Beauty Blog

Must-Have’s and Tips for Airplane Travel with Baby

Little M and I are wrapping up our first solo trip (without daddy), and now that she’s at the ripe old age of 1, the experience couldn’t be more different than traveling with her as a little baby. As you’ll see below, you need much less to stay sane while traveling on a plane with an infant (or pre-crawler), but once the little tykes start moving (or, god help us all, walking), it takes quite a bit more strategy to keep baby entertained and calm, and keep parents sane.  After 8+ flights with our little one over her first year, I’ve nailed down the perfect set of must-have’s and tips for airplane travel with baby, to keep everyone comfortable, entertained, and happy (or at the very least, sane!). Check them out below!


Must-have’s for airplane travel with baby (aged 0-18 months):