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As you may have picked up on by reading this blog, I am a huge fan of supplements.  In my own body and those of my clients, I have seen targeted supplementation lead to hormonal balance and a return of fertility, better skin and hair, a calmer mind and slimmer waistline, better sleep and more energy, and an overall greater feeling of vibrancy and well-being. I’ve seen enough empirical evidence to call “hogwash!” on all so-called experts that try to debunk the efficacy of dietary supplementation.  The fact remains, the right supplements can drastically transform your health! (Click here to read more on how and why)

So when a great supplement company like Nature’s Way ups the ante by donating 1% of all sales from this summer, up to $100,000, to the Rainforest Alliance, I had to spread the word.  Through August 31st, any purchase you make of Nature’s Way supplements, which you can find at most pharmacies and health food stores nationwide, will support a wonderful nonprofit that has been around for over 30 years, which works to conserve our planet’s forests and natural resources, and promote a vision of global sustainability.  Pretty sweet, right?

I’ve used several Nature’s Way supplements over the years, and love that they are high quality and affordable, which in this health food world of $40 bottles of multivitamins, says a lot.  They make it so easy to take your vitamins, and save the rainforest to boot!

Here are my top 5 favorite Nature’s Way supplements that have helped to transform my health and body:

  1. Vitex (chaste tree berry): This amazing, hormone-balancing herb is one of my top recommended supplements for women with hormonal imbalances, irregular or symptomatic periods, hormonal acne, PCOS, and certain forms of infertility.  I myself took it for many years after getting off the pill to undo all the damage that hormonal birth control did to my body.  Vitex regulated my periods, eliminated menstrual symptoms, and helped to prepare my body for conception.  Note: do not take while pregnant or breastfeeding
  2. Fenugreek: This wonderful herb (well, it’s technically a seed) is one of the best supplements for increasing and maintaining milk supply, and either in capsule form or in a tincture with other lactogenic herbs, this supplement has been a part of my daily regimen since giving birth over a year ago.  An added bonus is that it works wonders in aiding digestion and soothing an upset stomach!
  3. Valerian Root: This potent supplement is an amazing remedy for insomnia and anxiety.  I remember my mom giving it to me when I was a kid and couldn’t sleep before the first day of school (or camp, or vacation, or a big test… I had my fair share of trouble with sleep as a child!).  Far from being a sleeping pill, Valerian root gently calms stressed nerves and relaxes the mind and body, priming it for sleep.  Super safe, and really effective.
  4. Echinacea Goldenseal: This magical blend of herbs is my first line of defense whenever I’m feeling under the weather.  Echinacea and goldenseal come together with burdock and gentian roots, cayenne pepper, and wood betony to be an amazing boost for the immune system.  When taken right away, it can keep a cold from developing, or shorten the duration of illness.  Magical! Note: do not take this particular combination when pregnant or breastfeeding
  5. Rhodiola: This powerful adaptogenic herb supports your body and mind where it needs it most in the moment.  It helps to ease anxiety and depression, increase energy, de-stress frazzled nerves, and decrease belly fat (likely due to it’s effect on cortisol in the body).  I’ve used it to combat late afternoon energy slumps (before I changed my eating to holistically eliminate them altogether), and have seen my clients be able to stop taking prescription anxiety medication with rhodiola’s help!

Need help figuring out which supplements will work for you?  Check out my Basic Supplement Guide or schedule a Skype consultation to get a customized plan for your health and goals.

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