Never Ask “What Do I Wear?” Again

Never Ask What Do I Wear Again | The Organic Beauty Blog

I don’t know about you, but picking out my outfit every day feels like a gigantic inconvenience, especially now that I’m a mom.  I totally understand why so many mamas default to their signature easy, comfy leggings and t-shirt combo — we just don’t have the brain power to dedicate to fashion right now.

But I, personally, am not content to just give up and go for the easy way out.  I want to look good, I want to feel good, and having a time/brain/emotion draining little human in tow is no excuse not to make it happen.

My solution for the last two years has been to shop.  I buy more and more stuff, thinking that just this one new addition to my wardrobe will freshen everything up and motivate me to look the way I want to feel.  But the reality is that now my closet is overflowing with clothes, and every morning, I’m still plagued with the eternal question: What do I wear?!??!  (Followed immediately by: “I have nothing to wear!”)

Never Ask "What Do I Wear" Again | The Organic Beauty Blog

Enter: Cladwell.  This beautiful, amazing, life-changing little app isn’t about making you buy more stuff.  It’s about helping you find new and super cute ways to wear what you already have, and completely taking the stress and brain/time/emotion consumption out of your morning dressing routine.

The process is simple.  You create your closet by adding items that you own from their extensive database (if you can’t find a reason facsimile of an item, you can email them a photo and they’ll add it for you).  And you’re done.

Every day, Cladwell gives you three expertly styled outfits to choose from, taking into account that day’s weather.  You can either pick and log one of the three (the app keeps track of how often you wear each item, which has the added benefit of helping you weed out what you just don’t wear), refresh the outfit if you’re not a fan of the options, or edit one of the given outfits in case you want to make a change.


The latest update also brought the addition of capsule wardrobes, which I am obsessed with.  You can create capsules for anything you can think of — from travel (I just made one for a recent trip to NYC, which made it super easy to make new outfits out of the small number of items I brought) and occasions (going out, beach, weddings), to dividing up your closet into work and weekend wear.

With Cladwell in my pocket, mornings are now significantly less stressful, getting ready is less time consuming, and I feel confident and excited about what’s in my closet.  I’m also wearing so many more items that were out of rotation just because I couldn’t think of what to pair them with!

I honestly don’t know how I lived without this amazing app, and seriously consider it an absolute must-have for all women, but especially my fellow mamas, “I have nothing to wear”-ers, and busy ladies who are sick of standing in their closet for far too long.



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