3 Ways To Relieve Stress with Flowers

This post comes to us from Emily at The Bouqs Company.  We love The Bouqs Co. for their eco-friendly, sustainable farming practices, support of boutique artisan florists, and gorgeous, unfussy arrangements.

3 Ways To Relieve Stress with Flowers | The Organic Beauty BlogIf I told you that you could relieve stress by simply placing some fresh flowers or plants within your surroundings, would you believe me? A few sunflowers or daffodils arranged in a mason jar on your bedside or in your office will leave you feeling more optimistic and motivated to tackle the day’s challenges. We feel this way because we associate the color yellow with the sun’s rays, which naturally helps us feel happier. In fact, “flower power,” as Chinese healers have referred to it, gives us the ability to control the flower’s emotions and the secret is held within the flower’s color. It’s not just bright yellow sunflowers that improve our mood, all kinds of flowers and their colors can provide positive health benefits.

Here are a few ways to add more stress relieving flowers and plants into your daily lifestyle:

Incorporate flowers into your morning routine

3 Ways To Relieve Stress with Flowers | The Organic Beauty BlogWhat’s better than the idea of waking up in a bed of your favorite flowers? While it might not be in our best interest to actually do so, there are more practical ways to infuse florals into your morning routine.

Keeping a vase of lilacs on your bathroom counter makes waking up and brushing your teeth seem more peaceful, considering the shade of violet releases tension fighting endorphins in the brain. And a display of greens, like peace lilies will naturally purify the air we breathe, making your morning meditation practice that much better. The mood enhancing properties from flowers will keep you motivated and happy throughout the day.

Keep flowers at your work space

3 Ways To Relieve Stress with Flowers | The Organic Beauty BlogKeeping fresh flowers or leafy greens in the office has been known to improve overall job satisfaction. A recent study shows that nature plays a significant role in the workplace when it comes to creativity, performance and overall business success.

If your office space is dimly lit, try incorporating some greenery that’s simple to maintain like succulents and ferns. The cool green color adds a calm and relaxing property. If you work in a more open environment, a colorful bouquet of orange daisies would be a perfect touch, and not to mention friendly for those coworkers who might have allergies.

Receiving a flower delivery will likely change your mood for the better, seeing as 88% of individuals expressed an improvement in their mood after receiving flowers. Signing up for a flower subscription service like The Bouqs Company can make keeping a bouquet of fresh blooms around the office effortless and joyful.

Keep a vase beside your bed

3 Ways To Relieve Stress with Flowers | The Organic Beauty BlogPair your nightly routine or bedtime yoga practice with a bunch of bluebells in a small vase beside your bed – or a blue orchid which also provides more dimension to your decor. The color blue triggers the production of melatonin and stimulates thyroid glands that release hormones which helps regulate your sleeping patterns. The color also serves as a confidence booster, so waking up in the morning will seem more welcoming for the day ahead of you.

It’s uplifting to know that our natural surroundings can impact our mood and overall well being. How do you plan to add more flowers and plants to your lifestyle?

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3 Ways To Relieve Stress with Flowers | The Organic Beauty BlogEmily S. is a content creator who enjoys writing about health and wellness topics, especially when it comes to fresh flowers. When she’s not writing about flowers, you can find Emily spending quality time with her rescue dog playing catch on the beach.

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