The Organic (and eco-friendly!) Pooch

Being the proud mama of a little tiny furball means making a lot of choices that effect not only another creature’s life, but also my own AND the environment.

I don’t know about your dog, but mine poops A LOT.  I used to take care of this situation using leftover plastic bags that we had in the apartment from groceries, etc… until I had the mental image of my pup’s little poops calcifying in that plastic bag and spending the next 100 years in a landfill.  That’s a lot of little plastic bags filled with poop.  I set out to find a more responsible solution.  Enter: BioBags! Which are a line of 100% biodegradable bags for a variety of uses, including little ones for pet waste!  They are great for composting or simply thrown out with your other waste, and are a great option for responsible pet owners.

With all the pet food recalls that happened in the last few years, I started really thinking about the food I was feeding my pup.  Not only did I not want to feed him sub-par food that could harm his health, but I also didn’t want to support the totally unregulated industrial agriculture system that uses bi-products from animals that were raised in unsanitary, inhumane conditions to make pet food.  I wanted to find an all-natural dog food company that used human-quality ingredients grown in environmentally responsible conditions.  I found that there were a lot of healthy, environmentally-friendly pet food companies out there, some of them even vegetarian!  Here are some of my favorites:

  • Wellness Brand Pet Foods: This is what I use, and the food my doggie tends to like the most.  Its all-natural, using human quality ingredients, no artifical additives or chemicals, and an emphasis on nutrient balance in every food.
  • Castor & Pollux:  This is actually the first pet food brand that started using organic ingredients in their products.  They also have gluten-free foods and great treats!
  • Mr. Barky’s Vegetarian Treats:  These are my pup’s favorite treats.  They are 100% natural and vegetarian, and they’re yeast-free (for sensitive bellies, skin disorders, etc.)
  • Karma Organic Dog Food:  This brand makes 95% USDA certified organic dog foods with a holistic bent.  Their packaging is also completely recycled!

There are also lots of places to find eco-friendly pet toys, beds, and accessories made without toxic plastics (since dog’s tend to chew through most things).  Earth Doggy, Drs Foster and Smith, and Go Green Dog Beds all have really great products for an environmentally friendlier, healthier pet!



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