Best Workouts for Every Personality.. Which Type Are You?

By: Natasha Uspensky, CHHC

Trying to force yourself into a workout that just doesn’t fit who you are can make sticking to an exercise routine so much harder than it has to be.  Newsflash guys: working out should be FUN!!  And if it isn’t, you’re doing something wrong.  I myself always felt totally crappy after any kind of high intensity workouts.  Boot camp?  Forget about it.  I kept trying to fit myself into the mold of what I was told was good for me, until eventually, I said, “Screw it!  I love pilates, yoga, and barre workouts, and that’s what I’m going to do!”  Guess what, I am in better shape doing just those workouts than I ever was when I was trying to do more high energy, jump around cardio routines.  And best of all, I actually look forward to my workouts, which ensures that I’ll actually stick to them.  So stop trying to fit yourself into a workout personality that just isn’t you, and use the guide below to find a workout you’ll actually love!

The Pretty Pretty Princess

Best Workouts for Every Personality.. Which Type Are You? 1 | The Organic Beauty BlogYou always dreamed of being a ballerina as a kid. You’re not the biggest fan of getting sweaty or dirty or gross.  You want long, lean lines and are freaked out about bulking up.  You prefer to workout in spandex and off-shoulder tees, rather than your standard athletic apparel.  You are… The Pretty Pretty Princess.  Your best workouts might be:

  • Ballet Barre workouts like Ballet Beautiful, Barre 3 or Pure Barre feature elegant, dancer-like workouts that give you a beautiful, dancer-like body.  You’ll break a little sweat (we prefer to call it “glistening”), but the workout isn’t going to mess up your perfect ballerina bun.  Don’t let the elegance fool you, this is an amazing workout.
  • Pilates Mat or Bar workouts are awesome for getting some massive core work done, while leaning and lengthening arms, legs, glutes and improving posture without bulking.  Plus pointed toes make you feel like a pretty ballerina.

The Warrior Diva

Best Workouts for Every Personality.. Which Type Are You? 2 | The Organic Beauty BlogYou’re a total badass.  You like to sweat, punch, and kick your way through your workouts.  You’re not afraid of muscle and you want to show it off.  You dream of doing a Spartan Race.  Yoga bores the hell out of you.  You are… The Warrior Goddess.  Your best workouts might be:

  • High-intensity circuit workouts that incorporate boxing, jumprope, and light weights to give high impact results.  Aerospace, bootcamp workouts, and interval training will all give you the high-energy, sweat-inducing, blood-pumping exercise you crave!
  • P90X or Insanity are great at-home ass-kicking workouts that will give you the variety you need to stay interested, while totally kicking your butt!

The Dancing Queen

Best Workouts for Every Personality.. Which Type Are You? 3 | The Organic Beauty BlogYou love to tear up the dance floor and shake those hips.  You love So You Think You Can Dance, and pretty much every dance movie makes you well up.  Gyms and machines totally turn you off, and you’re totally bored by all that monochromatic workout gear.  High energy music gets you going.  You are… The Dancing Queen.  Your best workouts might be:

  • High-energy dance workouts like Zumba will give you the music, variety, and moves you love, while still burning tons of calories and creating beautiful muscle definition.
  • Technical dance workouts like Tracy Anderson Dance Cardio will also give you a killer workout while fulfilling your dancer alter-ego dreams.
  • Get all multi-culti with fun Bollywood or tribal African inspired workouts as well.  Those belly-dancing routines really do give you killer abs!

The Spiritual Goddess

Best Workouts for Every Personality.. Which Type Are You? 4 | The Organic Beauty BlogWorking out is all fine and good, but you want something that moves you, connects you to your higher self, and gives you a killer bod.  You get stressed out pretty easily, and can get a little spacey if you’re not grounded.  You like workouts that get you out of your head, relax you, and give you long lean lines.  You’re not afraid of pushing yourself, and love to be amazed at the cool things your body can do.  You look for inspiration everywhere, and are always striving to be a better, healthier, and kinder person.  You are… The Spiritual Goddess.  Your best workouts might be:

  • Yoga routines that bookend some intensive physical boundary-pushing with grounding meditation and om‘s.  Mix up your routine with some different types of classes… Power Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga are awesome higher intensity workouts; Bikram will seriously get you sweating; while Hatha or Restorative yoga is great for a breath-focused, more grounding and healing workout.
  • SoulCycle is an amazing cardio workout that blends spinning with inspirational and spiritual coaching.  Classes are held in candlelit rooms and are often intensely spiritual experiences.  And of course, you burn killer calories and get an insane bod!

Which workout personality are you??

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