Why Choose Organic Skincare?

This guest post comes to you from the lovely Christina Price of Purity Apothecary.

Why Choose Organic Skincare? | The Organic Beauty Blog

Organic skin care products can be found everywhere these days, but it is important to understand what these can do for you and your skin before you start using them. These products work just as well, and often better, than the traditional skin care products that are on the market. They are also generally much better for your skin because they do not contain any harmful chemicals.  Check out these other amazing benefits of organic skincare products.

Avoid Irritation

Harsh chemicals can irritate your skin, as can the artificial fillers and colors that are often found in traditional skin care products. If you have sensitive skin your risk of irritation is even higher. Natural products will work with your skin to improve it from the deepest layer all the way up to the surface without causing any irritation.


Many organic skin care products are scented with essential oils.  Essential oils are plant derived and come from nature.  Fragrance oils are man-made toxic chemicals that mimic natural scents and cost a lot less, so main stream manufactures choose to use the inexpensive chemical version.  When using aromatherapy products that contain essential oils, you’ll receive several benefits.  For example, lavender products create calming effects on the nervous system relaxing your body and mind. On the opposite end of the spectrum, products that contain essential oils such as orange, lemongrass, or spearmint are invigorating, energizing and uplifting.  Aromatherapy is a great natural alternative.

Free of Parabens

Parabens are preservatives that have been linked to many potential health problems. They mimic the natural hormones that are found in the body, which can cause issues with your delicate hormonal balance and alter your endocrine system. There are many natural preservatives out there, like grape seed extract, that work just as effectively without the possible side effects.

Healthy Inside and Out

When you apply skin care products they are absorbed by the body. This means that the chemicals found in traditional products will make their way into your bloodstream. When you use natural products there is no need to worry because the only things absorbed are ingredients that are natural – giving you peace of mind about what goes on and in your body.

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