Our fave healthy reads!

By: Natasha Uspensky, CHHC

The stack of books on my night stand just keeps growing and growing with all these awesome wellness books that I just can’t get enough of!  From creating miracles in your life, and acting in alignment with how you want to feel, to eating for a perfect period, and having a super healthy, natural pregnancy… There’s so much to choose from!

Here’s what I’m reading now:

Miracles Now, by Gabrielle Bernstein

Powerful daily steps to take to develop a spiritual practice, decrease stress, and increase mindfulness.  Flip to any page that calls to you to get a great message to help you move through your day with balance!

The Desire Map, by Danielle Laporte

This is probably my #1 favorite book for creating a life you love.  The brilliant Ms. Laporte takes you through a powerful process to identify the feelings you are chasing in your life, and helps you discover how to make every choice and action in alignment with how you want to feel.  A must read!

WomanCode, by Alissa Vitti

Fellow holistic health counselor, Alissa Vitti compiles all her information on naturally balancing hormones for easy periods, a killer sex life, and optimal fertility.

The Kind Mama, by Alicia Silverstone

This awesome follow-up to her first book, The Kind Life, is a comprehensive guide to having the healthiest, most natural, pregnancy possible.  From healthy, nutrient-rich eating, to exercise, detoxifying your home, and a great birth plan, this book has it all!

Clean Eats, by Alejandro Junger

In his follow-up to Clean and Clean Gut, Dr. Junger simplifies healthy eating with over 200 clean-eating recipes that increase energy, decrease inflammation, and heal the body.


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