Organic Skincare Goodness.. For Men!

Brickell Mens Skincare

In a marketplace now getting flooded with amazing natural and organic beauty products, men often get the short end of the stick.  The ingredient-conscious man is relegated either to using flowery, feminine products or spending tons of time seeking out one of the few high-quality natural men’s product lines out there.  Well, Brickell Men’s Products is here to change that.

They’ve created a curated line of all-natural and organic men’s skincare and grooming products that are just as potent and effective as our favorite lines geared more towards women.

Our resident Organic Beau has been loving the Face Moisturizer, loaded with anti-aging green tea, nourishing jojoba oil and shea butter, and soothing aloe vera, among a roster of other potent, all-natural ingredients.  The old-fashioned, brushless Shave Cream is thick and lush, softening whiskers, and providing a nick-free, clean shave and smooth skin.  It’s full of skin-clearing antioxidant fruit extracts and hydrating oils.  And the No-Shine Lip Balm is a total standout, giving guys protection from the elements, a subtle hint of natural flavor, and most importantly, a matte look that doesn’t scream “I’m wearing my girlfriend’s lip stuff!”

For some awesome tips on men’s grooming, from how to grow a beard, how to get the perfect shave, and how to look good even after a crazy night, check out their Grooming Manual!

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