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If there’s one thing that comes up ALL the time amongst new moms, it’s sore nipples.  First they’re super sore in the beginning, as we sort out shallow latches and supply and get the hang of the whole breastfeeding thing.  Then, just when we think we’re home free, around 4-5 months, those babes start getting teeth, and being super distracted during nursing sessions, pulling and tugging at our poor nipples, and occasionally giving them a good ol’ chomp.  We’re not there yet, but I assume once the top teeth start coming in at 8-9 months, we’ll be in for a whole new round of drama.

Needless to say, the nipples of a breastfeeding mama go through a LOT. So I get super pumped whenever I discover a new, natural remedy to keep things soothed and happy.  In the sea of nipple balms and pads, Amorini has created something quite unique: pure silver nipple protectors.  These little discs look like little hi-hat drums, and offer a whole word of soothing happiness for sort nipples.  You just place them inside your bra, over your nipples, and wear them between nursing sessions.  If I had had these guys in the beginning, I would have worn them all day long. They’re super discreet, and really help prevent cracking and soreness with the antibacterial power of silver.  Plus, they act as a cooling, natural barrier against clothes, which would have been a godsend.

As it is now, I whip these puppies out at night after a particularly toothy day of nursing.  To increase effectiveness even more, I express a drop of milk onto the nipple before putting them on… and the magic begins! I wake up with like-new nipples, ready for a whole new day of whatever nursing craziness my little one might throw my way!

Amorini owner, Diana Marcin, started the company after she herself struggled with sore nipples and painful breastfeeding when her daughter was born.  A friend of hers in her native Italy (who also happened to be a NICU nurse) swore by a similar silver nipple soothing product she had found, and gave them to Diana to try.  Lo and behold, her cracks healed within 48 hours, and she no longer cringed every time she had to nurse!  Diana founded Amorini to bring this awesome product to the States, but these lovely nipple soothers are handmade in Treviso, Italy exclusively for her company.

Silver has long been used for it’s antibacterial, antimicrobial, and healing properties, making it a much safer alternative to the antibiotic ointments we mamas are often given to deal with cracked nipples. Silver also promotes new cell growth, which also means faster healing, without adding any chemicals that could end up in baby’s mouth.

Pick up a pair of your own here!


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