How this nutritionist feeds her baby

Nutritionist Feeds Her Baby

As a holistic nutritionist, I put a lot of thought into what and how I want to feed my baby. Her first foods and the way she is fed set her up for a lifetime of healthy eating and a happy relationship with food.

I did a bunch of research before I settled on baby-led weaning and a very specific set of first foods for my little one. Check out this video where I discuss what I love about baby-led weaning, what foods I feed my little one, and how I’m setting her up for a lifetime of happy, healthy eating!

Baby-Led Weaning Resources

Iron-Rich First Foods

  • Dark leafy greens (puréed or added to a smoothie): add a little breast milk or water, and don’t be afraid to add seasonings and spices!
  • Pumpkin and squash (roasted and cut into wedges, or puréed): add some rosemary, thyme, or nutmeg to spice things up!
  • Dried prunes and apricots (stewed and served whole or puréed): I mix these in with oatmeal and other veggie puréed, as well as just feeding them whole. Make sure they’re stewed nice and soft!
  • Beets (roasted and puréed): with dill, rosemary, even some garlic!
  • Peas (cooked and puréed): add mint or thyme
  • Beans (cooked and puréed)
  • Broccoli (steamed): cut into baby-fist sized florets
  • Berries (puréed in green smoothie, or strawberries halved and served whole)



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