5 Minutes to Looking Put Together (even when you have no time)

5 Minutes to Looking Put Together | The Organic Beauty Blog

A mama recently posted in one of the many FB groups I’m in that she feels like it’s impossible to look and feel put together with a baby and a toddler around.  Though I only have one of those to contend with, I sometimes feel like little M is both a sweet, needy little baby and a willful, naysaying toddler all rolled into one — so I can relate.  As moms or otherwise busy ladies strapped for time in the morning (or EVER, for that matter), it can be super hard to make time for seemingly meaningless rituals like hair and makeup.  BUT, feeling schlumpy is a big cause of the lowered self-esteem, motivation and sex drive that can come with motherhood (or super mega busy ladyhood).

To that, I say “No way!”

Feeling put together can mean the difference between a confident, radiant, and joyful day-to-day, and one that is, well.. not.  The effects of this one seemingly meaningless act of self-care reverberate across all areas of your life.

But fear not! I am certainly not of the camp of women who always look polished and manicured, and I definitely don’t want you to feel that pressure (unless you’re one of those women, in which case, kudos to you!).  So I have perfected a super quick, low maintenance approach to looking more or less put together that leaves me feeling like a sexy lady and not a frumpy mom who may or may not still be in yesterday’s undies.

Here is my daily ritual for 5 minutes to looking put together, that utilizes my favorite multi-tasking natural beauty products and leaves you glowy and looking great:

5 Minutes to Looking Put Together | The Organic Beauty Blog

1 . Wash your hair at night and braid it.  

Morning showers are a thing of the past, ladies.  But guess what? It’s actually a good thing!  Showering at night is relaxing, helps you sleep better, and allows you to let your hair dry naturally — which is amazing for your hair’s health.  After shampooing and conditioning your hair with some lovely sulfate-free products, towel dry, apply your favorite hair oil to the ends, and put those locks into pigtails.  You’ll wake up with beautiful waves that require absolutely zero maintenance, and one less thing to do in the morning.

Fave products: Art Naturals Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner and Illumai Biome Haircare System (read my review here) // Nordic Bliss Hair Organic Oil or plain old organic coconut oil

2. Simplify your morning hygiene.

Sometimes just brushing your teeth can feel like a mammoth task with a little munchkin at your feet, so the less you have to do to stay clean in the morning, the better.  I wash my face with oil (here’s more on that whole thing) every night, which means in the morning, I just splash my face with water, brush my teeth, and boom! I’m ready to roll.

Fave products: Kindred Skincare Co. Blemish Cleanse and JK Naturals Teen Face Cleanser (I kid you not..I basically have the skin of a 15 year old, so this works magic on my skin, but if you have better genes than I, they also make a Face Cleanser for non-teens ; )

3. Rock an oil-based serum/moisturizer combo.  

Removing extraneous steps in your skincare routine is key for getting outta that bathroom with lightening speed, so instead of a laborious, multi-stage serum-moisturizer-sunscreen process, I like to pare it all down to a lovely anti-aging oil serum, which knocks out those first two steps all in one.  You come out with hydrated, glowing skin that looks taken care of.

Fave product: My current favorite is Essential Smooth Youthful Glow Serum which is loaded with hydrating, skin-balancing, anti-aging ingredients like neroli and rosehip oils, rose, chamomile, and frankincense essential oils which leave skin glowing, gorgeous, and smooth.  So much so, that it’s almost a shame to continue on to step 4.

4. Use a natural BB cream.

A great BB cream is the ultimate multi-tasking beauty tool for busy ladies.  It combines moisture, treatment (for anti-aging, breakouts, or whatever ails you), SPF, and light coverage.  It’s amazing, and it’s literally the only makeup you need on your face (who has time for foundation?!).

Fave product: I’ve been using Andalou Naturals Brightening SPF30 All-in-One Beauty Balm for a few years now, and couldn’t be happier with it. It’s the perfect amount of coverage and really leaves skin brighter and healthier looking.

5. Combine lips and cheeks!

A lip/cheek balm is the other must-have beauty multi-tasker.  It’s one piece of makeup that takes your look from blah to DONE in 2 seconds.  Find a hue that complements your skin tone (stick to warm colors if you have warm coloring, cool if you’re cool, etc.) and make it your best friend.  Not only does a great lip/cheek color help to give you that healthy glow, it also makes you look rested and instantly put together. And using the same color for both gives your look an effortless, easy feel that screams, “I just fell out of bed like this!”  Crazy, right??  Couldn’t be further from the truth, but no one has to know.

Fave products:  I’ve been alternating between RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek (in Smile) and Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Cream Oil (in Everlasting Honey) for years.  I keep them in my bathroom and every bag for quick midday touchups that keep me looking put together even when I have M’s food in my hair and drool on my sleeve.

6. Add a swipe of mascara.. and you’re done!  Literally, this whole process takes 5 minutes.  I’ve timed it.

Fave products: I’m always trying new natural mascaras (stay tuned for my upcoming round up on the top natural picks), but lately, I’ve been using Omiana Black Strong-Hold Mascara and I LOVE it.  It’s all-natural, nice and thick without being sticky, and creates a great, dramatic lash.

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