5 Ways to Sneak in Exercise over Thanksgiving!

By: Natasha Uspensky, CHHC 
5 Ways to Sneak in Exercise over Thanksgiving! | The Organic Beauty Blog
If you’re anything like me, going home for the holidays can mean a complete derailing of all health-related activities.. Wouldn’t it be great to find ways to sneak in some exercise over Thanksgiving with the whole family by doing everyday activities that burn off those holiday calories, get your heart pumping, and get everyone moving!

1. Rake the leaves!

This fall chore is actually a great workout! Get the family outside and start raking… You’ll work up a sweat, get some cardio, and have a great time!  Try to lunge forward with every pull of the rake, and make sure to alternate your dominant hand.  This will work your arms, abs, and legs and will burn about 250 calories in an hour!

2. Shovel some snow!

If you’re in the midwest, chances are there is more snow to deal with than leaves…  Shoveling snow is an amazing resistance workout, and can turn into a really fun family activity!  The motions of pushing, pulling and lifting the shovel work the back, abs, arms, and legs!

3. Clean house!

Transforming into Cinderella before and after the big Thanksgiving get together can feel like a tedious chore, but if you think about it in terms of exercise, mopping, sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming can burn some major calories!  Throw in some lunges while you mop the floor, calf raises while you clean the counter, and squats as you move furniture or pick things up and you’re burning over 200 calories an hour.

4. Play some football!

This venerable American turkey day tradition is probably one of the best things you can do for your body before or after the big meal.  Get outside, run around, break a sweat and offset those Thanksgiving calories.  Not a football family?  A game of tag, capture the flag, or even just catch will do the trick!

5. Go for a walk (and bring your pooch)!

After dinner, grab the whole fam and the dog and go for a walk.  Walking after a big meal is a great way to stimulate digestion and get things moving.  If you keep a brisk, steady pace, you’ll burn up to 250 calories in an hour!  And the fresh air is a welcome break after having been inside for a few hours.  Mom (or whoever cooked) will appreciate the change of scenery!


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