Food-Based Exfoliation for Fab Skin!

Buff Her Food Exfoliant on The Organic Beauty

I admit it, I’m a sucker for a good scrub.  But with sensitive, oily skin, many scrubs out there are too rough, or just not substantial enough to give me what I need.  So I was particularly pumped to discover Buff Her, a positively delicious line of organic, food-based face scrubs.

Each of the scrubs features rice as the primary exfoliant, and then they add a veritable farmer’s market of awesome food ingredients to suit your particular skin type.

Want to nourish and cleanse to get a glowing complexion? Try Sweet Potato Pie.

Want to soothe inflamed, sensitive skin? Go for Oatmeal Blueberry Cookie.

Suffer from dry winter skin and breakouts?  Rock some Milk & Honey (and enter our giveaway below!).

Me? I’m obsessed with Strawberry Parfait with natural salicylic acid from strawberries and yogurt for deep cleansing and soothing. It’s perfect for keeping breakouts at bay, deep cleansing skin, and healing, all with some gentle (but powerful) exfoliation.  My skin looks radiant, clear, and happy, and as an Organic Beauty, I can rest assured that I’m using skincare good enough to eat!


Want to try this amazingness for yourself?

Enter our giveaway to win a free jar of Milk & Honey Exfoliating Food Powder!  

Here’s how:

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  3. Leave a comment sharing your worst cold-weather skincare woe, along with a note on where you followed.

Our winner is Jenny!  Congratulations!

  • Shirley Anne (Non-Toxique Voyage)
    November 15, 2014

    One of my biggest woes has been (just last night), to go to sleep with my makeup on (I was so tired). As soon as I woke up my skin was all clogged, serves you right Shirley.

    I followed you on all Social Medias

    • Natasha Uspensky, CHHC
      November 17, 2014

      Thanks for entering, Shirley!
      I like to keep a pack of nourishing face wipes on hand for just that purpose! They remove makeup and cleanse skin, all super quickly and easily! Try Yes to Cucumbers face wipes!

  • Jenny
    November 17, 2014

    My worst skincare woe is that my normally oily skin turns dry in patches which makes it difficult to care for the dry patches when I still have mostly oily skin. I would love to try this scrub, thanks for the giveaway! I followed you on instagram just now, I don’t have Facebook or Twitter.

  • Kaylin @ Enticing Healthy Eating
    November 17, 2014

    First of all, these buffs are related to foods so I’m instantly intrigued. My worst skincare woe is both discoloration and dryness. Oh, and I follow on facebook!

  • Sara M
    November 20, 2014

    My winter problem is dry skin! My year around problem is acne, so I’d love to try this!

    I followed you on Twitter.

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