Organic Beauty Holiday Gift Guide 2014


It’s that beautiful, festive time of year again!  We at The Organic Beauty LOVE gifting mindfully, giving our loved ones goodies that help them feel gorgeous, vibrant, and healthy.  Join the healthy giving party with our top picks for everyone on your list!

1. UP 24 Fitness Tracker ($79.99-$99.99)

This is our absolute favorite fitness and health tool that we’ve been obsessed with since we got ours last year.  Check out our full review here. The UP24 band is the perfect way to motivate yourself to be more active, get those 8 hours of sleep, drink more water, and make healthy changes to your eating and lifestyle.  Perfect for anyone in your life that is trying to take better care of themselves, or a techie fitness buff!

2. Geometric Hanging Air Plant Holders ($49 for set of 3)

Air plants add the perfect touch of minimalist style to any home decor, and these gorgeous brass geometric holders are works of art in and of themselves!  Perfect for the aesthete, design buff, or stylista in your life!

3. Botanic Organic Essential Six Travel Set ($30.00)

Holistic, all-natural skincare that’s good enough to eat is an amazing gift for anyone in your life!  We’ve been using this travel kit all year, and it’s become our absolute favorite way to stay mindful, glowing and beautiful while on the road.  Read our full review of this amazing and potent organic line of beauty products here!

4. RMS Beauty Glowing Gift Set ($120)

RMS Beauty is our number one secret for glowing, healthy, gorgeous skin.  This gift set has everything you need for a perfect look of natural beauty. You get the signature Luminizer (amazing for that goddess glow), Un-Coverup, a creme eyeshadow, and a luminous Lip-2-Cheek color (our daily essential).  Click here to read more about these beautiful products!

5. Make Your Own Rules Diet ($21.24)

This new cookbook from our favorite down-t0-earth yogi, Tara Stiles, is loaded with awesome tips on incorporating more mindfulness and movement in your life, as well as some delicious and fun healthy, vegan takes on comfort food favorites!  We don’t do diets, and this is definitely not a diet.  It’s about connecting to what your body needs, and showing yourself the love to honor it!  A definite standout on the cookbook/health book scene this year!

  • Stephanie Rubinato
    April 2, 2015

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