Are You a Victim of Pseudo-Health Foods?

By: Natasha Uspensky, CHHC

Are You a Victim of Pseudo-Health Foods? 3 | The Organic Beauty Blog

Now that being healthy and fit is finally having its lasting moment, grocery store shelves and healthy diet articles alike are suddenly overrun with products touted as healthier alternatives to what you’re currently eating. Unfortunately, as with all trends, you can’t believe everything you read (except, of course, what you read on The Organic Beauty!! Wink wink ; )  Along with some awesome new health foods, we have also been exposed to a whole new crop of “pseudo-health foods” masquerading as the real thing, and pretty convincingly at that! So in our ever-present quest to debunk all the food bunk out there, we bring you these 5 top pseudo-healthy foods, and their legitimately healthy counterparts.

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