5 Ways to Use Lavender Essential Oil for a Happy Baby

Bali Lavender Essential Oil of BabyI have long since been a huge fan of using lavender essential oil to ease stress and anxiety, but honestly had no idea how versatile a tool it was in the home until little Margaux was born. Since becoming a mama, I have gotten rid of so many household items that could be harmful to my precious little bundle — toxic cleaning supplies (even ones masquerading as natural), dryer sheets, perfumes, air fresheners.. the list goes on and on.  I started researching natural replacements for all these things I wasn’t sure I could live without, and was really surprised to see lavender pop up everywhere.  Lavender essential oil was about so much more than better sleep and stress release!

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Five Unconventional Beauty Products To Try

By Callie McBride

A woman’s beauty routine is often cherished, closely detailed, and dates back to the time that she first dipped her toes into makeup in the 7th grade. Once we find our holy grail products, we stick to them and seldom steer from the norm, because we think we have found what works for us. That may not be the case, though, especially with organic beauty products on the rise. Your drug-store or high-end makeup collection may completely satisfy you, but similar to food products with long and hard-to-pronounce ingredients, makeup can contain toxic chemicals that we would never want to apply to our face if we knew what they were. Just as your body doesn’t react well to a Twinkie, you may be completely unaware that your current beauty bag is causing beauty blusters such as breakouts or dry skin.

Organic beauty products offer a solution to the mysteries of makeup contents, as most brands offer products with only four or five common household ingredients (think coconut butter, shea butter, oatmeal extract, olive oil, beeswax).

Whether you’re a veteran natural beauty guru or just dabbling into the healthier makeup world, here are five products worthy of picking up for their all-natural ingredient labels and healthy benefits.

1. RMS Beauty Uncover-Up 11


Celebrity makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift is behind this organic beauty line, which illuminates the skin instead of cakes it like many harsh and heavy foundations. Swift promises that her ingredients do not only create a beautiful effect on the skin, but even work to nourish and heal. This cover-up is packed with minerals, coconut oil, cocoa and shea butter, sunflower oil, and rosemary extract and is ideal for light and glowing coverage.

2. Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

soapwalla-deodorant-cream-v2A close friend of mine just introduced me to this interesting, slightly intimidating product-deodorant in cream form!? It sounds a bit off-putting to rub under your arms, but Soapwalla’s version currently has a wait list, giving some slight indication that women are satisfied. No questionable ingredients are on the label; what this cream does contain is vegetable powders and lavender and tea tree extract, so you can trust that it works throughout the day and leaves you smelling lovely.

3. Suntegrity Face Moisture

S_1313634_geThis chemical-free SPF-30 sunscreen is actually infused with youth-promoting antioxidants and acts as a 3 in 1: moisturizer, sunscreen, and face primer. Anti-inflammatory, cruelty-free, non-toxic; yes, yes, yes!

4. Sally B’s Skin Yummies B Green Mud Mask


With a blend of French Green Clay and blended herbs that absorb excess oil and toxins from the skin, this certified organic and vegan mud mask brightens skin tone and improves the overall look of your skin. It’s also filled lavender extract and green tea to give your look a boost of healthy glow. Sally B’s entire line is worth checking out, with all-natural and organic products for both the face and body.

5. Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Cream


This ultra-simple and straight-forward product has only five ingredients: olive oil, beeswax, honey, pollen, and royal jelly, and has been hailed as a true skin changer. Without any toxins or synthetic ingredients, it is Egypt’s worst-kept secret and favorite among beauty guru celebs such as Kate Bosworth.

With all your might, steer away from your beloved beauty routine to test out these products and see whether you reap the same amazing benefits that these product-hoarders do!


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Yes To… Everything!

By: Natasha Uspensky, CHHC

One of our all-time favorite drugstore natural beauty brands has done it again!  (And again, and again, and again!).  The nourishing, beta-carotene rich Yes to Carrots collection of skin and haircare products has always been there for us in a pinch, when we’re stuck in an unfamiliar town and need to grab some face wash at the local CVS.  All the products are paraben, SLS, and pthalate-free, and feature some potent, organic ingredients.  They are such a major standout among all the chemical and carcinogenic crap products available at most drugstores and box stores, and beauty editors have been noticing, and unloading a bunch of awards on some of the standout products below.  So we have been super excited to witness the growth of the brand to feature lines specific to different beauty concerns, all packing the same powerful botanical punch.

While Yes to Carrots is still a great go-to for dry skin, we love the soothing, calming, and gentle Yes To Cucumbers line for sensitive skin.  For anyone with skin prone to redness, the Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes are the perfect solution for refreshing and cleansing the skin while on the go… I always have a pack in my travel bags!  The whole line features soothing and calming organic ingredients like cucumber, aloe vera, green tea extract, and spirulina.

For acne-prone skin, the Yes to Tomatoes line really delivers.  I’m a huge fan of the Repairing Acne Lotion for controlling and treating mild breakouts.  It’s loaded with acne-busting, natural salicylic acid and witch hazel, healing organic aloe, anti-inflammatory organic tomato extract, and antioxidant and anti-microbial pomegranate extract.  For major, day-ruining zits, I love the Roller Ball Spot Stick.  The roller ball minimizes transfer of bacteria from your hands to an already problematic pimple, and the super potent ingredients also include soothing and anti-inflammatory ginger and bisabolol and healing tea tree oil, in addition to an even higher concentration of acne clearing salicylic acid.  The stuff really works!

The two new additions to the line are no less stellar than their veteran cousins. Yes to Grapefruit is a potent line for dull and uneven skin.  The Daily Facial Scrub is perfect for bringing out skin’s natural luminosity.  Loaded with brightening and smoothing organic grapefruit peel extract and lemon balm, as well as healing and nourishing organic sunflower seed oil, it removes impurities, improves tone and clarity of skin, and lightens scars and dark spots.  For uneven skin on the rest of your body, try the Dark Spot Correcting Body Lotion, with masterwort and capsicum fruit extract to soothe and protect skin.

The other new kid on the beauty block is the Yes to Blueberries collection, perfect for preventing aging and the formation of fine lines.  Blueberries are bursting with skin protecting antioxidants which reverse the signs of aging, so it makes perfect sense that they would be the headliner for this potent line.  Other ingredients like organic cotton thistle, wild acacia and paracress flower are clinically proven to hydrate aging skin, reduce fine lines, and boost natural collagen production.  The whole line is great, but we’re particularly into the  Deep Wrinkle Filler and Brightening Eye Roller, which both noticeably perk up skin.  Check back in to enter to win our giveaway of a collection of six Yes to Blueberries products for face and body!

We are so thrilled that there are non-toxic, natural beauty products like these in the mass market.  It is now easier and more affordable than ever to find safe products that are just as effective as their chemical and carcinogenic counterparts.  Alright ladies, no more excuses!  Clean out that medicine cabinet and say yes to restocking with products tailor-made for your skin concerns, that are actually good for your skin!

Get Shiny, Lustrous Hair with Surface

By: Natasha Uspensky, CHHC

In the winter time, I am always struggling with dry, lackluster hair and split ends, which is always getting in the way of my tireless goal of growing out my hair.

I try a gazillion products every year to try to nail down the perfect combination that gives me consistent results.  Most products start out working great, but then my hair gets accustomed to the routine, and I’m back at square one.  So I’m thrilled to finally find a great line of products that hydrate my hair, and make it shiny and lustrous, with results that don’t diminish over time.

Surface Hair is a line of products by stylist, Wayne Grund, which are formulated with sustainably harvested ingredients and certified organic botanicals like babassu oil and amaranth protein.  The products are free from toxic chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, mineral oils, and animal products.  Most of the products are also designed to work at maximum potency with heat styling, so they protect your hair and prevent breakage, over drying, and damage.


I’ve been using the Trinity Protein Cream ($24.95) on wet hair after washing, which is super strengthening and really prevents breakage.  The Trinity line is specially formulated for colored hair, but works great for anyone with dry or damaged hair.  The Protein Cream has babassu oil and amaranth protein to smooth the hair, and offers wonderful heat protection.  I only wash my hair a few times a week, so if I do a little styling touch up after a few days, I’ll spray it on dry hair as well for a little extra smoothing and protection.  It smells delicious and doesn’t leave a filmy or greasy buildup like many other heat protection products I’ve used.  Plus, I’ve noticed that my hair gets less damaged between trims and color!

I follow the Protein Cream with Bassu Hydrating Oil ($23.95) on the length of my hair.  This lovely, light oil is super healing and hydrating, and really intensifies hair’s shine and luster.


It protects hair from color and heat damage, and keep color from fading. WhatI love about the hydrating oil is that I can use it on wet or dry hair. Again, since I only wash my hair a couple times a week, sometimes my hair needs a little freshening up or boost between washes.  The Hydrating Oil is amazing for that. It’s lovely light texture removes frizz and seals the cuticle. It’s amazing to use with a flat iron, or just to smooth flyaways and hydrate dry, stressed hair throughout the week.  This potent product can also be used to moisturize skin!

The Surface line has a slew of amazing, safe, potent and effective products for every hair type and concern.  As part of a healthy, natural hair care routine, these products will boost shine, protect hair, and make dry, winter tresses and thing of the past!