Lightweight Nourishment for Parched Skin

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This time of year, everyone seems to be struggling with dry skin.  I thought I would be immune to this skincare woe by moving to southern California, but it turns out even a warm climate doesn’t render you immune to seasonal dry skin drama. Said drama is compounded for those of us with combination skin, as we can’t just slather our skin with heavy moisturizers and creams and not wake up to a veritable oil slick on our foreheads.  For combo skin, finding the the right products to balance oil, nourish skin, and keep it hydrated through the winter months can be a challenge. Which is why I love my new skincare find, Brittanie’s Thyme.

These organic skincare products are lightweight enough for the oiliest of skin, while still being super hydrating, balancing, and nourishing for all those dry spots. And with super clean ingredients and no added fragrance, the line is perfect for sensitive skin.

I’ve been testing the simple three step skincare line, and have definitely been impressed!  The Organic Citrus Facial Cleanser is soap-free, hydrating, and balancing with aloe, jojoba, witch hazel, rosemary, and all kinds of citrus extracts.  Perfect for normal, combination, or even breakout-prone skin, this cleanser is lightweight and deeply cleansing.

I follow the cleanser with the Organic Balancing Facial Toner (my favorite product in the line). With balancing and cleansing witch hazel, calming rose and sweet orange oil, and soothing peppermint.  It smells delicious, leaves skin clean and hydrated, without feeling tight, and is an awesome preparation for moisturizer.

The last step in the Organic Everyday Facial Moisturizer, which is super lightweight and non-oily, while still being super hydrating.  With nourishing shea butter, jojoba and sunflower oil to moisturize; antioxidants, vitamin E and omegas to heal and protect; and aloe, rosemary, and citrus oils to balance and clear even the most sensitive skin.

Check it out, and banish your dry skin drama this winter, without turning into an oily mess.


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    December 21, 2015

    Good article. I am dealing with some of these issues as well..

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