3 Easy, Healthy Habits To Start Right Now

3 Easy, Healthy Habits To Start Right Now | The Organic Beauty Blog

Before all the craziness of more holidays and extensive resolutions sets in, it’s the perfect time to start a few new consistent healthy habits to help you stay rested, less stressed, and more balanced (inside and out). These are easy to incorporate — you may even be doing one of them already!

  1. Read before bed. Studies show that reading for just 8-10 minutes a day decreases stress levels by nearly 70%, making it the worlds biggest no-brainer for stress management, especially this time of year. Since no one has time to read consistently during the day, reserving a few minutes before bed will ensure you’ll get this daily habit done. You’ll sleep better, feel calmer about your day, and wake happier! Just make sure you’re not reading anything too exciting that will keep you up ; )
  2. Sip hot water with lemon when you wake up. This is one of my absolute favorite tips for better digestion, daily detox, weight loss, and immunity. And again, so so simple. Hot water with lemon, first thing in the morning, alkalizes and exercises your body and sets you up for a day of feeling great. Make sure to use fresh squeezed, organic lemon juice (not bottled).
  3. Build your dinner around greens. Eating dark, leafy greens at least once a day is absolutely crucial for preventing diseases like cancer, digestive health, and even healthy, glowing skin. But fitting it in can become a challenge as the day progresses. Structuring your dinner around a big ol’ serving of greens ensures that, no matter what happened during the day, your got this one awesome thing under your belt. No matter where you’re eating dinner, make sure to whip up or order up a serving (or two or three) of greens first, whether it’s a side salad, some garlicky sautéed kale or spinach, or if a big salad is the main event. And remember, the darker the better. Kale, spinach and chard trump romaine, green leaf, and of course iceberg any day.
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