5 Ways To Achieve Happiness And Simplify Life

By: Stephanie Heino

5 Ways To Achieve Happiness And Simplify Life | The Organic Beauty BlogDid you know that approximately 121 million people across the globe have some form of depression? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a long-term, clinical ailment…We’ve all experienced some form of depression, and it’s never any fun. When asking people what they want to achieve in life, the most common answer is happiness. We all want to be genuinely happy. We all want to have that feeling of happiness that is  independent of loss or gain. What stands in the way is our negative beliefs, thought patterns and our way of believing in and acting on the negative.

Here are some ideas to help you achieve genuine happiness and strengthen you inner faith:

1. Live in the present moment

Don’t waste time worrying about things you can’t control. You can’t control the past, and there are only some aspects of the future that you have any influence over. Make an effort to focus instead on the present moment, and what you can control! We all go through ups and downs in our lives, and by being adaptable and more present right now you will also feel more comfortable. Worrying is almost like praying for what you don’t want, since you focus so much on the bad things. And according to the law of attraction, you will attract all kinds of negativity by focusing on it!

5 Ways To Achieve Happiness And Simplify Life | The Organic Beauty Blog2. Don’t overthink, follow your heart

When you overthink things you begin to listen to your fear and believing it is real which will keep you from reaching your full potential in life. We are all experts on listening to what other people thing instead of asking ourselves how we feel about a certain situation in life. When I feel with my heart rather than with my brain, then I truly act on my intuition, which helps me tap into this amazing unlimited source of happiness that I know I can feel.

3. Stop numbing yourself.

I have written before about the danger of numbing your true feelings with different addictions. It is an endless, destructive cycle wherein we use  food, shopping, drugs, alcohol and over-analyzing to keep ourselves from feeling anything negative.  Often times the act is triggered by a negative emotion we want to suppress (loneliness, boredom, anger, stress, etc.). In order for us to be truly happy, we need to learn how to deal with our emotions, and not just cover them up.

4. Delete other people’s opinions

We all have different opinions about pretty much everything and that is what makes us all unique. But, what we have to remember is not to take what other people say as our truth because this can harm our confidence, self-esteem, and lead to all kinds of unhappiness. What has helped me a lot is to understand that what other people say is a reflection of them, and not you.

5 Ways To Achieve Happiness And Simplify Life | The Organic Beauty Blog5. Take care of your health.

How you treat your body will make a huge difference on your happiness and well-being. If we do not  take care of ourselves and our bodies, nothing else will matter either, so it is very important to make changes in order to eat better, exercise regularly and make your body the best version it can be.

While you’re at it, take a look at these tips too:

  • Recognize your unique self.
  • Let go of what no longer serves you.
  • Love yourself and get comfortable in your own skin.
  • Be open-minded.
  • Feel your feelings.
  • Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.
  • Release attachments.
  • Practice forgiveness.
  • Follow your heart.
  • Stop engaging in drama.

Naturally Beat Those Winter Blues!

By: Natasha Uspensky, CHHC

Naturally Beat Those Winter Blues! | The Organic Beauty BlogWhether or not you actually suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), it is pretty tough to not get bummed when it’s freezing and grey outside for days on end.  Our social lives take a major hit, and we are much more likely to crave getting all bundled up and cozy at home than a night on the town.  It’s harder to motivate ourselves to get to the gym, and those cravings for comfort food just don’t let up. But fear not!  With just a few daily steps, you can naturally beat the winter blues, improve your mood and energy, and keep your system on track.

  • Catch some daylight!  Especially when the days are shorter and darker, it is that much more important to get exposure to daylight.  Ideally, this would be direct light outside, but, when it’s frigid and miserable outside, getting some daylight through a window does the trick too!  Leave your blinds open at night, so the morning light can wake you up and help regulate your production of melatonin, and thereby, your sleep cycle!  Keeping a regular sleep-wake cycle is vital to staving off wintertime depression. If your bedroom doesn’t get much natural light, then stand dreamily in front of your brightest window for a couple of minutes right when you wake up!  It’s a nice little morning ritual with wonderful health benefits.
  • Exercise!  I know it’s hard to get to the gym when it’s 0 degrees outside, but it’ll pay off in terms of your motivation and energy, which will help you tons in the long run.  If it’s super gross out, just work out at home!  Don’t let the weather be an excuse to skimp on exercise!  Find a dvd that you love, and sweat it out in the warmth and comfort of your living room.  Exercise is one of the best natural antidepressants out there!
  • Take some fish oil.  Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly EPA, are amazing for balancing mood and staving off depression.  Even if you eat fish regularly, supplement with 2-3 grams of high EPA fish oil every day.  My favorite is NOW Super EPA.. I take it every day!
  • Take vitamin D.  In the dark of winter, especially in the northern parts of this fair country, it is impossible to get enough vitamin D from sunlight.  The result is that we’re all running around completely deficient in this important nutrient!  Low levels of vitamin D can cause depression, lowered immunity, anxiety, higher stress levels, and a host of other unpleasant symptoms.  It is absolutely crucial to supplement with a high quality vitamin D during the winter months, and for many of us, year round!  Opt for at least 3000-4000 IU of sublingual vitamin D daily.  My favorite is Biotics Bio-D-Mulsion Forte.. Just two drops under your tongue in the morning and you’re good to go!
  • Load up on plant nutrients.  Plant foods are nature’s amazing natural mood-boosters, and it is super easy to eat your way to a fantastic mood even in the greyest of winters.  Whole grains like amaranth and quinoa are great for raising serotonin, which is your brain’s natural feel-good neurotransmitter.  Olive oil and other healthy fats like avocados and nuts are also wonderful natural antidepressants.  Green leafies like spinach and collards are loaded with folate, which along with other B vitamins, is vital for regulating mood.
  • Treat yourself!  Plan a fun winter getaway weekend, a spa day, a fun party, or even some nights at the theater, a concert, or the opera!  Having some exciting things to look forward to is a great way to boost your mood and break up the monotony of a long winter.