What to Pack for Your Natural Birth

As I learned from my somewhat unexpected birth experience (which you can read all about here), the key to a more pleasant and confident birth experience is to be prepared for what may come. We were planning on a birth center birth, and were adamantly against the hospital. As it turned out, we had a bit of both.. What both experiences had in common was our desire for a natural birth, and in retrospect, I am so grateful that we thought to pack the tools necessary for the birth we wanted, both at a birth center, and at the hospital.  I did plenty of research to make sure everything I brough with me was as natural, healthy, and safe as possible, both for myself and for my new baby! Here are your must-have’s for your natural birth, wherever it may be*:


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Our Birth Story

A couple of months ago, I gave birth to the most sweet and adorable little creature I’ve ever encountered. It was a trying, intense, and at times scary experience that taught me so much about acceptance, flexibility, and trust.  I’ve been holding off on sharing our birth story until I had time to process it, but by now, I’m eager to share what I learned.


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