10 Rules of Longevity and Agelessness

Dr. Deepak Chopra, one of our favorite healthy living gurus, prescribes 10 simple rules for aging gracefully and beautifully in his book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind – A Quantum alternative to growing old. We absolutely love the simplicity of these rules… So spot-on, so intuitive, and so vital for staying young, healthy, beautiful and happy.

1. Intake fresh food, eat frugally, drink wholesome liquids, abstain from stimulants and sedatives, and have a bowel movement at least once a day.

2. Maintain a high level of personal hygiene, get plenty of fresh air, sunlight and rest, have enjoyable leisure time, and satisfying hobbies.

3. Exercise, meditate, practice balanced refined breathing (pranayam) and yoga, listen to the body’s signals of comfort and discomfort.

4. Work for a happy marriage, long-term relationships, cultivate the ability to laugh easily, to make friends and keep close friends.

5. Choose a congenial occupation, go on vacation every year, be optimistic about the future, feel financially secure and live within your means.

6. Develop an easygoing personality, cultivate nonviolent behavior, and have reverence for life.

7. Live in temperate climate, enjoy a reasonable sex life, and get proper medical attention in case of illness.

8. Live in the present – accept what comes your way, appreciate it, learn from it and let go. Resisting the natural flow of things causes negative emotions.

9. Relinquish external approval, avoid being judgmental, replace fear-motivated behaviors with love-motivated ones, nurture positive emotions and express them freely.

10. Always know the world outside is a reflection of your deeper intelligence – the real “you” is within.

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Let Deepak and Oprah Teach You to Meditate!

Let Deepak and Oprah Teach You to Meditate! | The Organic Beauty Blog

Meditation is one of the most powerful techniques you can employ to decrease stress and pain, manage anxiety and depression, increase longevity and optimum health.  Not only does it lower blood pressure and clear your head, but it can help with weight loss and motivation to exercise!

But starting to meditate can be really hard.  I’ve been working on it for years, and even I have trouble just sitting, focusing on my breath.  Luckily, there’s an easier way.  Guided meditations start you off with some thoughts, insights, or a mantra, and then lead you into a short solo meditation that is much more manageable and user-friendly for novices.  And who better to lead you down this healthy and enlightened path than everyone’s favorite gurus, Oprah and Deepak Chopra!

The 21 Day Meditation Challenge is an easy, effective, and really powerful way to start a regular meditation practice, and best of all, it’s free!  You just sign up online, and starting March 11th you’ll receive an email every morning with a short guided meditation to start your day with.  The theme for this particular challenge is Perfect Health, with inspirations, visualizations, and mantras geared toward helping you reach that perfect place of balance, well-being, and happiness that does indeed lead to optimum health.  Plus, the daily practice helps you build the habit of meditating, so you can continue your practice after the program is over.

The digital program includes:

  • Daily welcome from Oprah Winfrey
  • Daily guided meditations by Deepak Chopra
  • Inspirational messages, images, and centering thoughts
  • Sanskrit mantras and their meanings
  • Daily reflection questions with a private, online journal to save responses and additional notes
  • Mindful Moments – daily takeaways showing you how to incorporate daily lessons into your life right now

Now you have no more excuses about not being able to meditate or not having the time!  This easy to follow, 21 day challenge helps you to develop your practice with help from the experts.

Click here to sign up!

Basic Supplement Guide

Basic Supplement Guide | The Organic Beauty BlogFollowing up on my article, Do Vitamins Really Work?, I thought would share some of my most highly recommended supplements. Bear in mind that it is always best to consult with a holistic healthcare practitioner to determine the exact combination and dosage of supplements for your body and health concerns.

The Basic 5 Supplements for Everyone:

1.  WHOLE FOODS MULTIVITAMIN: A good, high quality food-based multivitamin is a must for everyone, regardless of how healthy your diet is. Plain and simply, it just fills in the gaps in your diet and ensures you are getting at least the minimum daily requirements of various nutrients (though the minimums are just that… there is no substitute for getting all your potent vitamins, minerals and nutrients through a healthy diet!). Recommended: My favorite multis are Vitamin Code by Garden of Life.  I take their Women’s Multi, and recommend their Men’s Multi and Prenatal to clients. Their multis are all whole food formulations, available in a more thorough 3-pills a day, which is necessary to make sure you’re getting enough goodness!

2.  FISH OIL: More and more research is showing that Omega-3 Fatty Acids are absolutely vital for overall health, weight management, prevention of heart disease, managing stress, and decreasing inflammation (among many other benefits), and unless you’re eating sardines, anchovies, and wild salmon several times a week, you’re just not getting enough. Recommended Daily Dose: The ratio of EPA to DHA that is best for you is dependent on your specific health goals, but regardless, a minimum of 1 gram of fish oil (though 2 grams is better) is recommended for everyone. My favorites are NOW Foods Super EPA and NOW Foods Ultra Omega-3.

3.  VITAMIN D3: This nutrient is one that we are all deficient in, as it is simply impossible to synthesize sufficient vitamin D anywhere but in the warmest and sunniest of climates. Getting enough vitamin D3 is imperative for preventing over 100 different diseases, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases. It has also been linked to preventing depression, improving mood and stress response, and achieving ideal weight. Recommended Daily Dose: a minimum of 2,000 I.U., or more, depending on specific health concerns. I recommend Biotics Bio-D-Mulsion Forte, which has liquid formulation that guarantees the most efficient delivery into the bloodstream, and has 2,000 in just one drop under the tongue!

4.  PROBIOTICS: Daily probiotic supplements can help keep our digestive and immune systems functioning at their best, aid in absorption of other nutrients, and even help with weight loss and mood stabilization (again, in combination with a healthy diet!). Shoot for a high number of live cultures like acidophilus and bifidus. Recommended: I like NOW Probiotic 10-25 Billion, and find that it works best for most of my clients.

5.  VITAMIN C: Especially for those of us living in urban environments, or those who work in hospitals or with kids (or just have kids), getting enough vitamin C is the first line of defense against colds and infections, and also helps your body fight anything else it’s dealing with. Getting enough vitamin C is also vital for preventing heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, maintaining adrenal health, which can help with fatigue and stress. Recommended Daily Dose: 500 mg 3-4 times a day, depending on your specific health concerns.

5 Great Supplements for Women

1.  VITEX: Vitex, or chaste tree berry, is an incredible supplement for balancing hormones, regulating the menstrual cycle and easing symptoms like heavy flow and PMS. It is also a great supplement for fertility.

2.  EVENING PRIMROSE OIL: Another great supplement for PMS symptoms, particularly cramps, breast tenderness, and breakouts.

3.  CALCIUM/MAGNESIUM/ZINC: This combination is a vital supplement for women, to promote bone health, controlling blood sugar, heart health, and stress management. Make sure to take them together to avoid side effects and maximize results

4.  DIM: DIM, di-indole-methane, is a cruciferous vegetable complex that significantly lowers risk of breast cancer (and other cancers as well), and can help detoxify the system after years of taking oral contraception (which increases risk of cervical cancer, infertility, and severe hormonal imbalance).

5.  CRANBERRY EXTRACT: This is a wonderful supplement to promote urinary tract health, kill harmful germs in your system, and prevent cancer.

It’s important to reiterate that taking supplements is no substitute for healthy diet. Eating a diet made up primarily of brightly colored vegetables, fruit, whole grains, beans and legumes, healthy fats, and limited animal protein (mostly cold-water fish and eggs) is the BEST way to get all the energizing, life-extending, and disease-fighting nutrients you need.